WPILIB LabVIEW Math version 3.06 released

WPILIB LabVIEW Math version 3.06 has been released. It can be found on github at the link below. The resources section of the LabVIEW Getting Started page also points to this repository.

Fixes in this version

  • Fixed issue with Diff / Meca / Swerve Pose Est 2 Execute functions.

Changes to the library in version 3.05:

Added execute functions for Differential, Mecanum, Swerve Pose Estimators, and state space control and simulation functions. – These provide “single-function” LabVIEW style calls that would otherwise require several functions to be strung together. The new functions also include menu items with code snippets. (The execute functions are intended to make these functions easier to implement.)

Updated documentation.

Other than documentation, there weren’t any changes to existing routines.

NOTE: If using version 3.05, upgrade to 3.06.

Here is a link to the install files:

If anyone who uses the library is at finger lakes come say hello to 4150.