[WPILib Meeting Notes] 3-25-2021


    Tyler: Didn't finish test modifications for #3266 Also, people are reporting different irl odometry results (multiplier of 1 for both axes, and 1/sqrt(2) for Y axis) https://www.chiefdelphi.com/t/mecanum-odometry-off-but-sensors-seem-ok/392401/25 https://www.chiefdelphi.com/t/mecanum-odometry-off-but-sensors-seem-ok/392401/26
    Original derivation used velocity vectors at 45 degree angles, but they're actually force vectors
    Homework problem
    Potentially need a SysID mode for mecanum due to variability in wheel angles.


    Dalton: Discussion on Sensor documentation. Kevin thinks to remove most of the sensor diagrams (or move them elsewhere). He's going to get back to me with more feedback.
    Dalton: PR things
        Battery article almost good to go
        Left a review on Axon documentation. Lots of things missing
        Just gonna remove the bad link for now, the actual fix is a bit more complicated.
            Update to WCP-Sensors main page

Machine Learning

    Working on docs

Pi Image

    Need to create PR for pigpio package...


    Gyro performance fix merged
    v1.3.0 released (include gyro fix + LED fix from last week)

NetworkTables 4

    Looking at Zenoh (zenoh.io) for further inspiration, not a good direct fit due to dependency on RTC availability for timestamps… it’s also written in Rust (and requires a nightly build)


    Various fixes/improvements (ensure window will be initially visible; plot: fix window creation after removal, set reasonable default window size, show full source name as tooltip and in popup)
    Major Field2d enhancements (#3234) done, basically ready to merge
        More Pose2d elements
        Fixes drag selection issues
        New pose styles
        even more... https://github.com/wpilibsuite/allwpilib/pull/3234
    Cameras: working on save stuff
    Could use a refactor of the gradle build bits for C++ executables
    Crash reporting approach for C++ executables


    Prateek: Need to review some PRs
    Prateek: Have some small UI tweaks to make
    Tyler: Worked with Piphi5 on median filter PR and some plot UI enhancements


    Made another bug fix release


    Builds fail on Windows for #387 for files not deleting on Windows CI (works locally and Linux & Mac CI). Adding gc fixes it, files not closed?


    Status on Jason's PRs?
        Austin took a look at all of them and left comments
        Can't merge breaking changes until 2022 due to save file incompatibility
        Keep in PR until late 2021 due to summer events
        Possible 2022 branch or provide backwards compatibility/converter
        Save file format versioning so both can be loaded?
    Prateek: Added JNI extraction of wpiutil and wpimath because trajectory JSON saving happens in native code now

VS Code/Installer

    Needed to replace the link to VS Code; invalidates all of our previous installers.


    Compressor Closed Loop Control Sendable Bug
        We need a readonly property that is "enabled" and a mutable property for closed-loop control
    Merged trajectory serialization JNI change


    CAN error (reported on CD)
    2022 Breaking Changes
        Started merging into 2022 branch


FYI your link is bork: I believe 2020 needs to be 2021 ?

Consider me nerd-sniped.

It’s right. The link URL is a typo

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