[WPILib Meeting Notes] 4-29-2021

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UpTimeRobot custom domain status page going away

  • Go and update all links and redirect existing
  • New HITL table with new hardware
  • Better to leave the old table alone


  • PRs opened and reviewing
    • Joystick
    • Reading a stacktrace
  • Talked with Kevin and got lots of good feedback regarding homepage design and sensor design
  • Some minor bugfix PRs merged


  • M1 issue - need to update the glfw dep?

Pi Image

  • Need to roll a release


  • Will attempt to get the Romi vendordep going this week


  • Still need to look at 3rd party repo for compiler


  • Mechanism2d PR getting very close


  • Merged lots of small improvements: better macOS icon; removed spaces between items in CSV; require pressing Enter for some analysis fields; split integration tests into generation and analysis
  • Merged initial version of project generation
  • Another analysis refactor is ready for review (#121)


  • Started 2022 branch locally. Laying out the structure look and feel to get feedback.

VS Code/Installer

  • M1 issue… Not a system crash - just an apple stack trace


  • Released 2021.3.1!
    • Final release of the season
  • Going to finish up work on main and then push 2022 alpha without breaking changes
  • 2022 wpimath package moves: should we be aiming for Jigsaw compatibility? (e.g. don’t have overlapping packages, like wpilibj having classes in first.wpi.math)
  • Improving error reporting in HAL



It’s interesting you have M1 issues. I have had no major issues with the wpilib set up on my m1. Well except when I try to compile protocol buffers in as part of my code. But that’s probably me being bad at c++.

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The meeting notes are referring to this issue:

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