WPILib MotorSafety error?

We seem to be encountering an error with WPILib, when we Run Kernel Task, I , It pops this error up:

Exception in Kernel Task FRC_RobotTask:0x228a9e0
at … in MotorSafetyHelper::IsAlive()
at …/MotorSafetyHelper.cpp:65
… Data Acess…
Attach Debugger

I’ve installed the WR update, Utilities, and DS updates. Reimaging does not change the error

after we did a bit of dissecting, it appears to be the CANJaguar class. We have the BlackJaguar Plugin installed, and all Jaguars are at firmware 89 if I remember correctly (whatever last years was, we have it)

This is a bug that will be fixed in the next update. It is caused by the CANJaguar constructor not completing successfully (in your case due to the version being too old) and therefore not assigning a valid address to the m_motorSafetyHelper pointer. Later when that pointer is accessed, it crashes. For now, if you update the firmware version on your Jags to v92, the crash should go away.


I was assuming so, but last week, I looked everywhere I could think of (LM site, FF CanJaguar project, usfirst update location, wpi update location) for the latest update, and could not find it. Where are they located?

The Jag firmware update is on the LM site.

MDL-BDC24 FRC2011 Firmware

It’s installed by the FRC utilities update in the <public documents>\FRC folder.

Ahh, LM was slow (just like almost everyone else). Thanks.

And to think… it was installed on your machine the whole time.