WpiLib Programming errors

We are a rookie team as of last year and we started out on labview and we found that it isn’t the easiest program to use. We are attempting at learning command based java and there is a single error in our drivetrain. The error is DifferentialDrive drive = new DifferentialDrive(leftLeader,rightLeader); the error is saying that The constructor DifferentialDrive(VictorSPX, VictorSPX) is undefined and I am unsure how to fix this. Any and all help would be appreciated . Thanks -8422 Husky Howlers

Long story short, there’s a different version of the VictorSPX class that’s built to work with WPILib things like DifferentialDrive. You want to use WPI_VictorSPX (similarly, WPI_TalonSRX for Talons)

Here is the link to the documentation about the WPI_* wrapper classes.

Thank you!!

Thank you very much, this was a big help!

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