WPILib Questions

Is it possible to send commands to the camera using the serial port calls in WPILib, or will the response from the camera (ACK/NCK) confuse the library? I assume that the library handles any incoming bytes from the camera. The reason I ask is that I wanted to use the Virtual Window function on the camera.


I put up a new version of WPILib that exposes some of the internal functions that can reset the camera and send commands to it. Should make it easy to use the Virtual Window stuff.


Please let me know how it works and if it solves your problem.

When you reset the camera, then send commands, tracking is turned off. You need to restart tracking by calling StartCamera(). Also you can set the camera debug mode by calling SetCameraDebugMode(1) and the commands to/from the camera will be echoed in the terminal window so you can see what it is doing.