WPILIb: run 2021 desktop with 2022 installed?

WPILib people: is there a decent way to run the 2021 desktop code (on a laptop) when 2022 is installed? Basically, we have an older project, based on 2021, and we don’t want to convert it right now, but it is misbehaving. My machine (Linux) has 2021 and 2022 tools installed. I ran the 2021 VSCode, but when I tried to use the simulation for debugging, it failed with path errors, it could not find the correct dependencies.

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The two installs should be independent. Please share the exact error message you are getting.

OK, today it works. It looks like somehow I was testing with 2022 VSCode, although I really remember trying the 2021 version. Today I carefully used 2021 VSCode, and it worked fine. Sorry for the false alarm.

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