WPILIB Simulation Doesn't Work with Driver Station

I can tell that WPILIB put a lot of work into Simulation on Desktop this year. I see the infrastructure on VSCode, and I am able to get the code running. However, I can’t enable anything except disable because I can’t connect to the driver station. Could the folks at WPILIB instruction on setting up simulation with Driver Station? I see very little documentation.

I was actually looking at this earlier and came across this thread, haven’t tried yet but others have had luck.

Huh, I just realized you already posted there and haven’t had a reply…

You can try checking out SnobotSim instead. It provides a mock for the drive station, so you can test without it, including the ability to add unit/blackbox tests.

There are some examples, or you could check out my teams code from last year (although lots of simulator things there would be out of date)

The simulator is great, and is what we have been using for the past few weeks. However, the joystick is messed up for us, with HAT Switch not supported and all buttons shifted back one. It’s working fine, I just need directions to set up the joystick. https://github.com/pjreiniger/SnobotSim/issues/60

I’ve been meaning to circle back to that, sorry. Been busy with my real job. I think it works if you do the keyboard joystick (that is what we typically do) if you want to hack it into place. Haven’t had a chance to test it with a real joystick

I have also run in to this issue. I created a GitHub issue on the GradleRIO repo here.
Still waiting on a response.

Wpilib rocks! check to see if this works for you

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