WPILIB Simulation Not working In Java

We are trying to get the new simulation to work for our Intellij project, running a simulation from command line using gradlew simulateJava. We are in windows and using all 2020 versions which we have validated. Our Recurring error is:

java.io.IOException: wpiHaljni could not be loaded from path or an embedded resource.
attempted to load for platform /windows/x86-64/

    at edu.wpi.first.wpiutil.RuntimeLoader.loadLibrary(RuntimeLoader.java:78)
    at edu.wpi.first.hal.JNIWrapper.<clinit>(JNIWrapper.java:38)
    at edu.wpi.first.wpilibj.RobotBase.startRobot(RobotBase.java:316)
    at com.team2073.robot.Main.main(Main.java:8)

and here is a link to our build.gradle
We can follow up with any info or files that will help, just let me know what I need to include.

You need to be running Gradle 6.0.1, running 5.0 will not work.

Also, if you didn’t use the offline installer to install wpilib dependencies, you will need to install the latest VS 2019 C++ redistributable manually in order for simulation to work.


You’ll need the 64 bit one.

Thank you! we were trying to get Gradle 6.0.1 but our IDE was on an old version that wasn’t compatible, so we did it through terminal and now its working!

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