WPILib source code now posted

The source code for WPILib (C++ version) is now posted here:

Sorry for the delay.

Is the source for WPIlibJ ever going to be released?

I thought they said WPIlibJ was distributed in source code form

It’s already on your computer. Go to C:\Users<your user name>\sunspotfrcsdk\lib\WPILibJ\src (Vista and 7) or C:\Documents and Settings<your user name>\sunspotfrcsdk\lib\WPILibJ\src (XP)

Missed that, thanks. I was expecting a separate download like WPIlib.


Does anyone know if the 4.3 source will get posted? It looks like there were a number of changes from the last full source posting (the new accelerometer, updated gyro sensitivies, camera updates, etc.), and I’d like to get the latest.