WPILib Source Code

Hello, I am a jack of all trades with programming but for some reason or another I cannot wrap my head around LabVIEW. Could someone tell me how to read the WPILib or where I can see it online? I do not know an of the classes that are to be used. Any help is appreciated, thank you.

The version of WPILib that ships with the latest Windriver update is located in the C:/Windriver/WPILib_Sourcecode/ or something like that (I don’t have my VM up right now.) The documentation is in the source in the standard doxygen format. The one I generated can be found at http://www.pathogenstudios.com/WPILib/ (It is missing the call graphs and such, but it should be ok. I’m probably gonna update it with graphs tonight.)

You probably want to start with one of the examples included with Windriver. SimpleRobot is OK, but IterativeRobot is much friendlier when working with sensors.

EDIT: Also, I can’t blame you for having issues understanding LabView if you are used to text-based programming.

Also, you should post in one of the subforums next time. WPILib is in C++ AND Java. I am reffering to the C++ version so if you’re using Java, that documentation might not be right.

EDIT: EDIT: I decided I should finnally get around to updating the documentation with graphs. I’m also gonna get rid of the stupid html directory so the URL will just be http://www.pathogenstudios.com/WPILib/ now.

EDIT: EDIT: EDIT: Finished uploading. So there are graphs now and it is the new doxygen style. The only issue is the graphs are huge thanks to some of the internal FPGA classes.

EDIT: EDIT: EDIT: EDIT: I tried adding the FPGA stuff to the EXCLUDE_SYMBOLS, but it is still in the graphs and not in the documenation. Anyone know how to remove them from the graphs?

Try the tutorials provided on the http://www.frcmastery.com/ web site. It sometimes takes a little bit of “unlearning” before the dataflow programming concept can sink in. Give yourself some time to let things settle down in your head before you decide you’re unable to grasp it.

or just use c++/java/python

When you download the WPIlib you get documentation with it.
For java:
It is usually located at

The source code is