WPILib Suite Automate/Silent Install

Does anyone know if the WPILib Suite Installer has been (or can be) built in such a way that it can run silently or be deployed remotely to a computer via group policy or a startup script? If not, is there any plan to incorporate this in future builds? I skimmed over the GitHub repo a bit but didn’t see anything obvious.

With our programming department growing significantly since last year and a limit of spare laptops, we are looking to move to coding on the desktop computers in one of the computer labs at our school. IT staff here is willing to remotely deploy installers for us, but we’d rather not have to ask them to manually run an installer on 50 machines over two rooms.

I also recognize that we could have the students run the installers themselves as needed since the single-user install doesn’t require admin access, but that can take a while and technically violates the Acceptable Use Policy that we have our students sign. Thanks!

While an MSI file with default download settings would accomplish this. I know with absolute certainty that this is easily scriptable with a batch or powershell script. You can simulate the keyboard inputs to select the right options on the windows as they open. If I have some time tonight I’ll look into it.

Thanks! I think an MSI file would be preferable if possible. Would you make it from the installer repo on GitHub, or is there another approach you’d suggest?

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