WPILib Update 2018.2.1: Don't store your music in the code source folder anymore

2018.2.1 update change log:

Added: When building the Java .jar, we now include everything in src/, not just .java files. For this reason, we now recommend you not store your music or movie collection in your robot code src/ folder.


Thank goodness. We can finally implement the robot based music streaming service we’ve been dreaming of.

inb4 someone starts off auton with STEAM POWER STEAM POWER on full blast

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Watch for rule R08 (B), which this may or may not fall under :stuck_out_tongue: . If only we followed Vex rules, which allows (used to allow when I was involved, at least) robot music only if the refs find it in good taste.

Just to double-check - this is a library update, and not an image update, correct?

Correct, but it’s ready for a future image update.

Is the update live from the online repository yet? Tried to update in Eclipse and it reported no updates available yet…

Yes, it’s online. Double-check the update sites setting in Eclipse is set to http://first.wpi.edu/FRC/roborio/release/eclipse/ (per http://wpilib.screenstepslive.com/s/currentCS/m/java/l/599681-installing-eclipse-c-java#installing-the-development-plugins-option-1-online-install). You can see what the update site is set to by going to Help | Install New Software, and clicking the down arrow–it should appear in that list. If it doesn’t, click Manage and enable / edit it in that dialog.

You may also have to manually check for updates (Help | Check for Updates).