WPILIB: WriteSerialPortOne(unsigned char) Warning on Compile

We are trying to write a new ASCII driver function within EasyC Pro.

I see that WPILIB supports WriteSerialPortOne(unsigned char).

If we add this as a C Code block and call the serial port write function, the code complies but we get a WARNING.

Is this a normal warning to see?
“suspicious pointer conversion”

The supported WPILIB serial functions we are aware of.

unsigned char ReadSerialPortOne(void);
void WriteSerialPortOne(unsigned char);
unsigned char ReadSerialPortTwo(void);
void WriteSerialPortTwo(unsigned char);
unsigned char GetSerialPort2ByteCount(void);
unsigned char GetSerialPort1ByteCount(void);
void OpenSerialPortOne(unsigned baudRate);
void OpenSerialPortTwo(unsigned baudRate);



Double quotes denote a string, which is a pointer in C. For a character, use single quotes.



Works like a champ. I got PLC code on the brain this morning…not C code…need more coffee…