WPILIBJ java.io.File equivalent

What class in the WPILIBJ would provide similar functionality as the java.io.File class does in Java SE? I can’t seem to find anything appropriate.

Also, how would I be able to read a .TXT file via ftp to the robot? Ideally I’d like to have a method that converts the contents of the file to a string. I have done this in SE with Scanner in Java SE, how would I do it with FileInputStream or something of the like?

Example of what I’d like to do in Java SE :

public static String getStringFromFile(File file) throws FileNotFoundException {
    if (!file.exists()) {
        throw new FileNotFoundException();
    try {
        return new Scanner(file).useDelimiter("\\A").next().trim();
    } catch (java.util.NoSuchElementException e) {
        return "";

You can read and write files on the cRIO using the com.sun.squawk.microedition.io.FileConnection class. FileConnections are opened using the javax.microedition.io.Connector class.

And yes, you should be able to read and write text files through FTP.

Take a look at these threads for some pointers:

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