WPILIBJ Javadoc experimental changes

Our team has quite a few new programmers this year and they have been finding areas of the Javadoc that need some more information to clarify details. I’ve started working on some changes to the comments in the WPILIBJ to increase the amount of detail in the Javadoc. I am looking for feedback and pages which others would like to see more information.

The main URL: WPILIBJ Javadoc

Some example pages I have changed:
Joystick class (more overview detail, added a diagram, and added method return value ranges)

PIDController class (more detail and reference links)

PIDController.PercentageTolerance class (added the use of MathJax to explain the formula. I think software like MathJax is important and should be used more often, even here on Chief Delphi.)

If there are any particular instances of where you recommend improvements, please post those below. Do the improvement types I have outlined above help you to understand? Thanks for any feedback!