WPILibNewCommands.json format changing

We have found recently, most likely as a product of the new WPIlib VSCode, but our WPILibNewCommands.json appears to be changing in its formatting, possibly as a product of an autoformatting setting in VSCode being on. When we would make a change and save Robot.java, even with the TimedRobot (Advanced) Skeleton template from WPIlib, the JSON file will add spaces and indentation and as a product make the code unable to build in Gradle, giving the error:
Deprecated Gradle features were used in this build, making it incompatible with Gradle 8.0.
I thought if anyone else has this issue, what we did that temporarily fixed the issue was:
Ctrl + shift + p → Open command menu

Manage Vendor Libraries (Check all)
Remove all Vendor Libraries
Restart VS Code
Reinstall those vendor libraries

Build works? :slight_smile:

If anyone has a more permanent solution, please let us know.

That message is not an error. It’s just saying in the future something being done would error. Post the whole error message, if it is failing to build there will be more.

Also, just to double check, can you post the modified commands json file? Auto formatting shouldn’t be changing that file anyway.

Also are you using a stock build.gradle file? Is the project posted to GitHub?

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