WPILibPi isn't showing up on shuffleboard

I have WPILibPi setup on an rpi 3b, also using shuffleboard. I’m wondering if I have to edit something on our robot’s code or do I have to do something to the pi? I’m using the WPILibPi.local address as it isn’t FRCvision anymore. I am connected via an Ethernet switcher, which connects from the pi, the roboRIO, and the radio. How do I get it to show up on Cameraserver source???

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The camera publishing info is sent via NetworkTables. You need to set the team number in NetworkTables part of the Pi settings to match the team number of the RoboRio.

We have already configured the team number, thank you though.

Most likely the Pi is not being successful in connecting with the Rio. If you go to the “Vision Status” tab and enable the console output, are there any messages there about trying to connect? On the Rio console, do you see the robot code output a message regarding a NT client connection from the Pi’s IP address?

Yes, the console does output that.

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