WpilibPi on x86

I would like to run WpilibPi on a kangaroo computer as we have some kicking around our shop but since it is a build for a raspberry pi would it be possible to take the source code and build it on a x86 in order to run it on the kangaroo? if anybody knew how to and would like to share that would be grate.

It’s quite possible to build the key components for desktop (x86 or similar) from source, I do that for testing purposes. Are you looking to use Windows or Linux? It will be easier / more useful with Linux (as the config server is designed for Linux machines). You’ll need a local install of allwpilib built with cmake, and then you can build the config server and multi-camera server by running make in the corresponding deps/tools directory.

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I was thinking linux as I am planning on using this on a bot and I don’t want windows update to kill it. So you said that all of it would be in the allwpilib repo?

You need to both build and install allwpilib and build the deps/tools pieces in the wpilibpi repo.

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gonna sound stupid. how do I build and install that? Like would i just do cmake for allwpilib? what do I then do with the wpilibpi repo. i have cloned both locally already.

In the allwpilib repo: mkdir build-cmake && cd build-cmake && cmake -DWITH_WPILIB=OFF -DWITH_GUI=OFF -DWITH_TESTS=OFF -DWITH_SIMULATION_MODULES=OFF -DWITH_WPIMATH=OFF -DWITH_JAVA=OFF .. && make && make install
In the wpilibpi repo: cd deps/tools/configServer && make

These almost certainly won’t work out of the box, e.g. due to missing dependencies like opencv or pkg-config not being able to find the wpilib installed libraries; you’ll have to work through the issues.

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ok ill try that out ill reply if i get any issues. thank you tho.

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