WPILIBPI video stream not updating on Shuffleboard

Playing with WPILIBPI vision processing and having difficulty displaying camera image on Shuffleboard.

Tried making WPILIBPI a server. rpi Camera is listed in Shuffleboard, but when I drag it to the Shuffleboard window, it is a black image and does not update.

Tried making WPILIBPI a client of RoboRio and again Shuffleboard does not show a live image.

To make things more frustrating, I got it to go live once by hitting the Record/Stop Record button at the bottom of the Shuffleboard screen, but that only worked once.

We have used multiple rpi 3b, multiple win10 computers, multiple SD cards, multiple cameras and have spent multiple hours.

Shuffleboard version 2021.3.1
WPILIBPI version v2021.3.1

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First, can you see the camera stream in the browser through the Pi’s web config page?

If Shuffleboard is set up to connect to the Rio, the Pi should be set up to be a client (with the team number set). The Pi should only be set up as a server if Shuffleboard is configured to connect directly to the Pi, rather than the Rio. I’m assuming you also have code running on the Rio during this testing.

The OutlineViewer tool can be used to verify the stream settings in NetworkTables. Look under the /cameraPublisher/rpi camera/streams key, it should be a list of strings with IP addresses. Do the IP addresses match the Pi’s IP address?

Thanks for response.
The camera or cameras do show live images with the PI’s Web Config. That all works as expected.

When I set up WPILIBPI as server and Set the Net Tables in Shuffleboard to wpilibpi.local, the camera or cameras are listed, but when drug to the Shuffleboard desktop, the image is not updated.

When I set up WPILIBPI as client, the Setup Shuffleboard to follow RoboRio, it works the same. The Camera Servers are listed, but no live image.

Not familiar with onlineViewer. It appears to list same camera properties as shown in Shuffleboard. The Streams Key shows the following:

when I ping wpilibpi.local the reply is from

Only other thing to check is firewalls / web filter type settings. It sounds like Shuffleboard is getting the correct stream addresses (you can test the stream http URLs in a browser to triple-check), but for some reason isn’t successfully getting the actual video even though your browser is able to do so. If it’s not firewalls, it’s a bug on the Shuffleboard side.

Seems to be a Shuffleboard issue. I had always been starting Shuffleboard with a shuffleboard.json file that had lots of stuff defined. I deleted that one and started Shuffleboard with a blank sheet. Drug rPi Cam onto the sheet and it still did not go live. When I hit the Record/Stop Record button at bottom of Shuffleboard sheet, the image went live. I stopped Shuffleboard and saved that layout. When I restarted, the rPi Cam was still on sheet, but I still had to hit Record/Stop Record button at bottom of Shuffleboard sheet, the image went live. When I went back to the original json file, the camera image did not ever go live.

Another note is the images goes live, but the properties and controls around the image are still grayed out.

Anyway, the Shuffleboard image displays works well enough for me to continue playing with wpilibpi cameras.

Thank you so much for your help