Wrap Party in Centenial Park

Anyone got anything crazy to share about the experience

Here’s a few memories from team 2443
-Maui vs New York in an inflatable obstacle course
I unfortunately lost u.u
-not eating because shortage of plates
-diet coke heaven
-how can anyone not know what “giga” meant?
-an hour wait for karaoke?!?! $@#$@#$@#$@# thats all i was looking forward to
-Getting soaked in the Centennial fountain (whatever its called)
slipped on the ground over one of the spouts while it was off and have it turn on while still on the ground >.<
-Walking back to the hotel while soaking wet
-Cheering with another FRC team across the street from New York
they know what our profession is ^^
-Yelling “I Ku Mau Mau” through the streets of ATL
Its a Hawaiian Chant used during certain rituals, but today used to psyche up teamates in competition

please feel free to share

I loved the fire works and how the matched up with the songs it was beautiful to say the least

O the stories I could tell. But I do not feel like it. :slight_smile:

The fireworks were a great way to end the season…

I remember that IQ competition, someone said that one of the Indiana Jones movies was “Temple of The Dead”
That was great


I always think of this party as the final good bye for all of the teams until the next season. Me as a mentor usually goes to eat and chat with other mentors, of all teams about the season.

This year was bad though, since we were in the finals of our field, we did not start to pack our pit until the finals were totally over, because we were a backup team and wanted to be sure to have everything, should we need it. We jumped on our bus and they took us to the party. By the time that we got there most of the food was gone, no plates. They said there would be about a 30 min wait before they had more plates. This made me mad because they knew exactly the number of people, give or take a few at the door, that were coming. I feel bad or 111 who I saw come in with their large team about 10 min after us, since there was even less food.

I would be surprised if FIRST made sure that this did not happen next year.

It was nice. I was able to talk to many of the people we had worked with on Newton, but not had the chance to actually get to know each other due to the busy days. The fireworks was to die for, and the DJ was not bad at all.

I got a frisbee to the face, came out of nowhere. I was completely fine, and it was funny to see the guy’s expression when he came up to me later… having hit a cheesehead…

I hope everyone is able to return again next year.

-Two kids on my team watched the fireworks with Dean.
-We got ice out of the soda things and put it down one of our mentors shirts…and boxers.
-Walking to get ice cream at cnn we started the first robotics chant.
-On our way back, the other half of our team who was just making it to get ice cream told us Woodie was at the fountain.
-The quickest route to Woodie you ask?..Through the fountain.

The chick on the stilts:“I’ll chop off your arm with my light saber”
Me:"Can you get my leg while your at it? I want to be Darth Vader when I grow up.

This wasn’t at Finale but on our way back to our hotel on Saturday, we started saying, “Aaayyyyy!!!” To random teams in the subway and airport. The other people thought we were crazy. We didn’t care.:smiley:

Sounds like the LA Regional this year.


At the CT regional we were just about to leave when we saw Team 241 meeting near the door talking. We acknowledged eachother and they clapped for us as we went past. We clapped back, and soon everyone was clapping for every team that went by. Then one of our drivers and myself ran to 241 and started hugging people in the clapping frenzy. Within 10 seconds, 241 ran over to us with two party pizzas and handed them to us with the biggest smiles on their faces. We all ate the pizza in a matter of minutes while cheering and clapping still. It was probably my most memorable moment this season. Thanks to 241 for the pizza. I don’t think we had the pleasure of meeting them again after CT.

As far as the Wrap party goes, we had a lot of fun. It was a nice ending to a good season overall. :smiley:

We had a team boxing competition on the inflatable ring, and two of our programmers duked it out over who would get to be head of programming this year. While we were at it we invented a move called the Flying Platypi, or just a flying leap hands outward, i knocked my opponents helmet off with it. We also counted the number of Wiredcats there (we only saw 11). We waited in line 45 minutes for the Teacups ride and we spun so fast i almost lost my platypus hat, then the guy i was with puked on the way to the bathroom and my team got all excited for some reason.