Writing a NetworkTables Client in C++

Is there any good documentation for writing NetworkTables clients in C++? As far as I can tell, the ScreenStepsLive documentation only tells you how to access them from the server (robot) in C++, and has documentation for a client in Java. I’ve tried reading through the class reference, but I don’t really understand the architecture of the system.

Check out the mid-season update.

Never mind. It just has a java library.

https://github.com/robotpy/pynetworktables is a python wrapper of the C++ libraries for a PC. Currently only the server (robot) works, but I’m hoping to get the client part working by later this week.

Ok, found the client bug in WPILib. The python wrappers now will do server and client mode, and there are samples that let you do this.

Presumably you could extract the magic glue from my python wrappers to compile yourself a C++ version of NetworkTables.

For the bug, see http://firstforge.wpi.edu/sf/go/artf1600?nav=1&_pagenum=1&returnUrlKey=1358981339674