Writing Drivers For ide devices

Hi yall,
I was wondering if anyone here had any clue about writing device drivers. I have a BCD-G621D cd drive by BTC and the drivers stop at Windows ME. I found a pci driver writing progran calles windriver, but it only supports pci devices. I can’t and am not willing to buy the windows DDK to build drivers just for one 56X cd drive. Any assistance would be appreciated.

How much is your time worth? How badly do you want to learn to write drivers?

If your time is worth more then a few pennies an hour, it would be much cheaper to buy a new CD-ROM drive. They run $20-$30 new and for not much more you can get a burner.

If you really want to learn to write drivers, there are probably much easier ways to learn. You should start with something you have specs on. You should also buy a good book, which would, of course, cost more then a new CD-ROM drive. You’d also want to buy the DDK.

ok, thats probably a better way to go, cus i have time, but i dowanna buy a $200 program just for one cd drive. then theres a book. i’d like to know how to write drivers, but i found a pci driver builder, and everything else is pci. unless i could get a copy of the ddk free. but i doubt anyone would be willing to give it to me. it was free, i just didn’t know about it then. unless someone finds an ide device driver program, then i;'ll just let it go.

a 56X cd drive for sale. drivers upto mellenuim edition!!!

I am surprised that Win XP doesn’t have the drivers built in for your CD-ROM drive. Maybe it just needs a firmware update. I remembering installing a generic DVD-ROM with no company drivers and it worked fine; some of the configurations had to be changed though.

But I agree with Joe on this one, go to www.newegg.com or any other local computer store to get a $15 to $30 CD-ROM drive.

And even if you successfully wrote drivers for the CD-ROM to work, it probably wouldn’t work all that well. Not because of your programming skills, but because old peripherals, don’t work that well with new equipment.

sounds good, i couldn’t find a firmware update on it, so i guess if someone wants to run on ME, that’d work fine. got the thing free, so it doesn’t matter much. :yikes: