Wrong copy of LabView

The copy of LabView that we received is not the special FRC edition. It is a six-disc boxed set that does not resemble the picture on the KOP checklist.

Are there any teams near Port Jefferson Station, New York that could lend us their LabView disc? (We received the NI Literature Packet, so we do have our own license key.)


The CD was located in the Controls Kit box. It was wraped in plastic wrap and had paper saying FRC Programming Software. when you opened it up you found the 2 dvd’s with your license key for this year on Disk 1 Wrapper.

I think you found the wrong disk set

Were we also supposed to receive a large yellow folder containing six LabView discs? It may be that we are simply missing a part.

looking at your post there you got an entirely different version then the other teams have gotten. . All of our libaries were on the DVDs and just the FRCUpdate2 was online (Link on the 2009 Controls Page)

You should put another request into NI and figure it out with them. .

I do not have a printed copy of the Checklist here at home and the usfirst.org is down.

You sure you got the right checklist??


2009 KOP Checklist

Page 10 Second from the bottom

“FRC Software Bundle” - “LabVIEW for FRC, WindRiver” that is what everyone else got in the Controls Box. . It has the Labview libraries on it as you activate it and follow the Labview Update procedure

P.S. Got http://usfirst.org to work not the www.usfirst.org

We did not receive the FRC Software Bundle.

It would be extremely helpful if someone could upload the disc image. (I don’t believe this would be a copyright issue because the image itself is useless without the team’s license codes.)

If you want to come by Hauppauge HS, you can install from our disks.
We’ve installed the software for quite a few teams.

7-9pm every week night, but let me know when you’re coming in case I’m out working with other teams.

It probably wouldn’t be a copyright issue, as you said, but it’d be some severe bandwidth chomping - 2 DVD’s don’t roll off the tongue very easily, which is why we don’t host them ourselves. You really do need copies, so I would recommend calling NI, or send an e-mail with all of your contact info (name, team number, shipping address, phone number, e-mail address) to:

FRC [at] ni [dot] com

and we’ll take care of ya one way or another.


Mark McLeod mailed us a copy to use until the FIRST replacement parts get shipped out, so we’re taken care of for now.


We’re now receiving an error when we try to install LabView. A screenshot is attached.


Our team received the CD packet with two CDs saying Windriver on them. Do we download LabVIEW and then use the key?

Don’t be thrown by the fact that both disks have the Wind River label on them. They actually have several logos on them, including National Instruments, BAE, Wind River, and WPI.

Look closer to see:
“DVD 1 of 2” (this is the LabVIEW disk)
“DVD 2 of 2” (this is the Wind River disk)

DON’T download LabVIEW from anywhere. That would be the wrong version.

It must be something with the copy.
I assume this happens right away when you try to start the Install?

Has this error occurred on more than one machine while installing the software?

No, it does not occur until after the first few steps of the installer have been completed and the actual copying of files begins.

We’ve only tried one computer so far. I’ll post as soon as we try the disk on another computer.

Do we get to install LabVIEW on more than one computer? As in, is the license available for more than one? Perhaps a license for three computers?

As long as it’s for FIRST use only you can install it on all your team programmer’s computers.

Okay, I’ve successfully installed from my LabView disk onto another computer, which means that my problem is specific to one machine. That doesn’t make it any less vexing, though. Any ideas? If not, I may just reinstall Windows.