Wrong frisbee dimensions in rules?

In the rules, section 2.2.11 “The DISCS”, it says the discs have a diameter of 10.625" and a height of 1.25". On both AndyMark’s website and Wham-O’s website, it says they have a diameter of 11" and a height of 1.4". What’s up with that?

I can confirm the latter two dimensions after taking measurements myself. The manual is misleading.

Important lesson: Measure and play with the game objects yourself.


Sweet, thanks. Glad to know I’m not crazy.

Good catch!!

So has anybody confrimed the dimensions 11 and 1.4?


Makes you wonder if anything is measured wrong in the manual or if there is any other misleading info. ::rtm::

Since there is this difference between the FRC manual and the AM site, I just went out to our stock of discs and measured a few. Also, we looked in to the Wham-o measurement specification to see what it said.

diameter = 10.94 inches
height: 1.37 inch

WHAM-O specification
diameter = 11 inches
height: 1.4 inch

I would contend that both of these are correct. If you look at this from WHAM-O’s perspective, I would guess that the specification and tolerance is very loose. They just want the disc to be able to tossed by hand and to fly. Now, we are wanting to toss them with a robot, and we want a tighter tolerance of the dimensions. After things calm down a bit here at AM, we may measure 100-200 from different boxes and different colors to see what the variation is.

Here is a link to the Discs at AndyMark.


this is why we love you guys soo much andy… :slight_smile:

we will probably measure out the discs we ordered and ill try to post up a summary statistics.

Coincidentally, the dimensions given by the Manual are very close to those for a 175 gram disc that is made by Discraft and is frequently used to play Ultimate.