Wrong Q&A

After seeing someone link to a Q&A thread that was posted under the 2009 Q&A Responses as opposed to this year’s forum, I thought it might be good to highlight the other questions that have been answered there for those that missed them like me.

Ball Pressure
Pinning in Tunnel
Hang from Vertical Bar
Crossing White Line
Finale Configuration
Articulating Robot

These Q and A’s look very familiar. Is there a chance that the GDC or other keeper of the Q&A system moved / copied them into the 2010 area?

for example the question on the articulating wheels… http://forums.usfirst.org/showthread.php?t=13950

You would think the “GDC” would have posted something like; “This is the thread from a previous game, please ask questions in this years threads”.


Thanks for posting those, there are some very interesting items here that I have aroused questions about that are answered in here.

They probably just have answer from a stream of “recently posted questions” that they answer without looking at the year as in the past previous forums have been locked, IIRC. Probably Dave will swing by CD, go “Oh shoot!”, and fix it. :slight_smile: