Wrong Results from a query

:heart: Hi Guys :heart:
I have an issue with AdoQuery in Delphi 10.3
►look guys this is the result I expect

►After using the same query in Delphi
►on the same data in Delphi, it gives me wrong results

So anyone can help me thanks in advance I really appreciate :heart:.

Hello and welcome!

You may or may not be in the right place. Despite it’s name, this forum is focused on the robotics competitions held by FIRST, not on Delphi itself.

That being said, there are a large number of folks around here who are familiar lots of different technologies, so you may get a good response anyway!

Unfortunately, I am not one of those knowledgeable people.


Where I can Post this Question to get more responses
Thanks Bro I really appreciate :heart:

Besides posting in the wrong forum more than likely, everything is off by a factor of 4. There’s no query in the screenshot (unless I missed it) but make sure the queries are the same for starters.

Stack Overflow is probably a good place to get an answer to your question.