[WRRF]: 07 CalGames Planning Digest

07 CalGames Planning Digest

Hi folks,

We will release updates on our planning process through out this summer.  This is the first one.  These digests:
  1. allow you to follow our progress every two weeks (roughly),

  2. allow us to ask for help from the community,

  3. allow us to ask for inputs for various aspects of our event, and

  4. allow us to make announcements for our event.

    Once I settling into a steady schedule doing my work on 07 CalGames, I will send these out on a set day every two weeks, like FIRST’s team updates. Outside of our summer meetings, these digests will be the most important tool in keeping the entire community on the same page regarding our event.

    Welcome to our summer planning process. I look forward to hearing from you.

-Ken Leung
07 CalGames Program Manager

On planning progress

After the kickoff meeting last Saturday, I identified some items for us (the planning committee) to work on, sorted by priorities-

First Priority

  1. Working with Woodside on power for the pit area.
  2. Re-locating WRRF carpets and supplies to another storage space.
  3. Re-work our e-mail lists to avoid duplicates to you and make them easier to use.
  4. Request input for any rule change, game and robot related, for our event.
  5. Recruit leadership for the planning committee.

Second Priority

  1. Re-work the awards to make them more meaningful to participating teams and the community.
  2. Implement new budget rules in the planning committee.
  3. Request input for cutting slots on alliance station barriers to allow robots receive ringers from human players.
  4. Schedule a day to clean up and inventory our supplies.

On seeking Help from the community

  1. We are currently looking for individuals/teams to join our planning committee. Specifically, we are looking for leaders for various aspect of our event. Please consult the 07 CalGames leadership chart for areas where we need help (even the areas with names in them). (http://www.chiefdelphi.com/forums/attachment.php?attachmentid=5608&stc=1&d=1183261205)
  2. We are also looking for cheap storage space to re-locate our carpets/supplies. The rate for our current 20’ by 15’ space will increase dramatically this summer, thereby impacting our budget.

On seeking Input from the community

  1. We are seeking inputs for modification of the robot rules (technical requirements). For example, in 2006, WRRF accepted the 2005 controller. Currently, we have the following possibilities for consideration: terminal block, batteries, yellow status light, and prior kit transmissions.
  2. We are seeking input for modification of the game rules. Currently, we have the following possibilities for consideration: autonomous rule (more points, special award, etc).

If you and your team wish to suggest additional modifications to the 2007 FIRST rules, please send them to me no later than August 1st. All finalized modifications will be documented and provided for the community by August 8th. We will likely spend a considerable portion of our July 21st meeting in these two items.

  1. We are also seeking suggestions for awards. In the past, we’ve tried to be creative and have some fun with giving out unique awards for participating teams. This year, we really want to have awards that are meaningful to teams. After all, why spend so much time and money on ones that teams aren’t even excited about. If we do not receive any suggestions, we will likely not have any awards beyond the champions and finalists for Rack n’ Roll. Currently, there are no deadlines for submitting suggestions for awards.

On Announcements

The next two 07 CalGames planning meetings will be: July 21 1-3 at BLADE near Great America, August 11 1-3 at Woodside High School

07 calgames leadership chart.pdf (10.1 KB)

07 calgames leadership chart.pdf (10.1 KB)