[WRRF]: 07 CalGames Rule Modification

This is the final version of rule changes for CalGames 2007. All standard 2007 Rack n’ Roll rules will apply to CalGames this year, unless specifically indicated otherwise in the following list.

If you require any clarification of any of the following change, please send an e-mail to me and we will answer your questions as well as posting our responds in the CalGames Document Portal.

-Ken Leung
07 CalGames Program Manager

Robot related rules:

<RR1> It is expected that teams will weigh their robots as accurately as their means allows, and the scale used by the WRRF at the Cal Games may, in fact, be less accurate than the method used by a team. As we do not desire to penalize a team for using more accurate weighing methods, the likely error of the scale used at the Cal Games will be accounted for when weighing robots. The error will not be known until the scale to be used is inspected at the event.

<RR2> Legal main batteries from prior competition years may be used.

<RR3> The orange blinking signal light is strongly recommended, but not required.

<RR4> The IFI power distribution panel, no longer sold by IFI, but available used from teams who participated in prior seasons, may be used if the electrical rules that applied to this power distribution panel are followed.

<RR5> The two CIM KOP gearbox from prior seasons may be used.

<RR6> Fix-it times are unlimited, from Feb 2007 to October 13, 2007.

<RR7> No bill of materials is required, but it is expected that teams will stay within the spirit of FIRST rules on robot cost.

<RR8> Operator Interfaces and Robot Controllers from prior years, in matched pairs, may be used. Radios from prior years, in matched pairs, may be used. If the event staff becomes of aware of incompatibilities, this will be managed at the event.

There is a known problem with practice channels interfering with each other on the 2007 radios. If that problem cannot be resolved, we will require the use of 2006 and earlier radios, in matched pairs, at the event. We are still working on this problem, but we will make sure an announcement is made about this no later than September 5th.

<RR9> Cell phones, and other equipment that emits radio signals, that may interfere with robot communication may not be used on, or near, the competition field.

<RR10> We will have robot inspection, but the inspection process will be streamlined as much as possible in order to limit impact to the timely execution of the event.

An announcement about the streamlined inspection process will be made no later than September 5th.

<RR11> Video cameras that do not connect to the electrical system of a robot, and that do not emit radio signals that may interfere with robot communication, will be allowed, but the weight of the video camera will count towards the robot weight.

<RR12> Just a reminder: FIRST 2007 rules with regard to the operation of pneumatic components and systems will apply.

<RR13> We may require manual radio channel selection at the event. The switches and display used to set radio channels must be accessible to facilitate this activity and should be easily visible to allow confirmation that the correct channel has been selected.

Game related rules:

<GR1> For safety reasons, the arena lighting will remain constant during the event.

<GR2> We will be using a wooden rack that will not slide easily without damaging the carpet. Additionally, there will be batteries and wiring positioned in the bottom of the rack that may be damaged should the rack be allowed to move in the manner that occurred during the 2007 season. Because of this, the rack will be stationary, with the lights positioned roughly 45 degrees relative to the direction towards the drivers station. This opens up further possibilities for autonomous scoring. Whether or not additional increased incentives for autonomous activity is to be supported through modified scoring rules is to be left open to a vote of teams at the planning meeting on Aug 11.

The vote should be among:
0 points, 5 points, 10 points, 15 points, or 20 points per keeper scored.

<GR3> Yellow card and red cards will be available to the referees, but some sort of marking system that does not require flags will be used.

<GR4> Just a reminder: FIRST 2007 rules for tube scoring will apply.

<GR5> Just a reminder: FIRST 2007 rules with regard to robots being supported by field elements, tubes, walls, etc…, will apply.

<GR6> Just a reminder: FIRST 2007 rules with regard to tube possession will apply.

<GR7> Just a reminder: FIRST 2007 rules with regard to the position of a robot during the end game will apply.

<GR8> Just a reminder: FIRST 2007 rules with regard to tube herding will apply.

Ok so pretty much the same as the actual first rules

sounds great thanks for the info

Can’t wait for it

Except the stationary rack, and the Autnomous bonuses.

We expect everyone to code up their best autonomous
state machine and make a good attempt at hanging
a keeper. It would make for a lively 15 seconds at
the start of each match.

The volunteers have been hard at work preparing for
the Cal Games 2007 event. For a teaser, see: