[WRRF]: 2006 WRRF Cal Games


Winners: 968 254 1516

Finalists: 1351 192 840

I was busy running around trying to find the keys to our truck to load up the field, so I missed the rest of the awards. Im sure someone else can fill them in in the morning when they recover from a very long day :slight_smile:

Will do :).

Thanks team 1351 and team 840 for being awesome alliances. We could not have made it that far without such a tight alliance. The last match was incredible. Both 840 and 192 were immobile (we had radio connection issues, robot didn’t respond) and it was 254, 968, and 1516 against just 1351. 1351 held its ground like no other and did such an awesome job defending against the poof duet.

thanks for an awesome day, calgames!

I’m sad I couldn’t be there (driving the 1351 bot again) but alas I am in Georgia now and missed the entire Cal Games event. Hope everyone had a good time, Cal Games was a great bit of fun last time I was there

Cal Games was very fun this year! I had lots of fun cheering on the team from the stands.

Here are all the award winners (As provided by Ken):

Autonomous Mode Challenge Champions-
192 Gunn HS GRT and 254 Bellarmine HS Cheesy Poofs

Wacky Award-
8 Palo Alto High School Paly Robotics

Kit of Parts Creativity Award-
1516 CA HS California Grizzlies

Safety Award-
604 Leland HS Quixilver

Gracious Professionalism Award-
1458 Monte Vista HS Danvillians

Aim High Finalists-
1351 Archbishop Mitty HS TKO, 192 Gunn HS GRT, 840 Aragon HS Aragon Robotics Team

Aim High Champions-
968 West Covina HS RAWC, 254 Bellarmine HS Cheesy Poofs, 1516 CA HS California Grizzlies

I just got back. What a great event! I had a blast announcing with Billfred. I hope you all had fun too; it sure looked like it.

Special thanks goes out to Ken Leung and the rest of the WRRF people for letting the event play out a bit over time. And Ken, your speach at the end was great. High school students, you may not realize it yet, but those words Ken spoke will be very important in your futures, remember them.

Anyway, thanks to the teams for playing some awesome matches out on the field. Thanks to Billfred for coming all the way out from the east coast - you did an incredible job learning all the teams’ names. Thanks to all the volunteers and planning committee and all the students that stayed late carrying those oh-so-heavy rolls of carpet.

I hope to see you all next year!

Special thanks should go out to the WRRF planning committee. I’ll thank Dave Sheridan (766) in specific, since I worked with him the last few months.

Dave took it upon himself to design the field elements for the event, as well as handle the acquisition and setup of the field. He did an absolutely fantastic job. The field elements looked great and performed just as well as an official FIRST field would. When we encountered obstacles (and there were many) he did an excellent job finding simple solutions. Without the countless hours that he spent prior to the event, and the entire day at the school from early morning to after midnight, there’s no way the field would have been fully functional.

Additional thanks to Mike Schmidt for helping to manage the setup of the field on Friday among the many other things he did for the event.

Thanks to Kirk Oden (968) and his dad for helping out to load the truck with the field. Without their help it would have easily taken 3x as long.

Finally, thanks to Billfred for both flying out here on his own dime, and helping me load all of 254’s extrmely heavy junk for the event into my car right after getting off a plane from the east coast :stuck_out_tongue:

Many, many more people deserve thanks and recognition here as well.

hey guys, now that was a fun event. glad we were able to go. that 6.5 hour drive was all worth it :stuck_out_tongue: . hope to see everyone next year. good luck on the up coming games.

ps thanks to 254 and 1516 for being great alliance partners and to 1351, 192, and 840 for a great match.

It was a great match, indeed. :slight_smile:

Team 254 is missing a DeWalt charger and 14.4V battery that were last seen somewhere in the vicinity of our pit table.

If anyone found these items, or discovers they are in posession of them, please contact me through PM, AIM, or email.




How many points did you two score together?

I think our high was 113.

We had another match of high 80’s, iirc.

It was pretty much all 968 though. We only had maybe two matches in the elims where we scored more than 5-8 balls. We were having radio problems all throughout the elims and were lucky to have control of the bot for more than 10 seconds at a time.

113 was our highest, and it was 88 i believe. and i loved watchin those matches, partners were awesome as well as competitors. hope to see you all soon.

ALSO, does anyone have any photos or videos, like to see some of them if is possible. thanks a bunch.

Thanks for choosing us… You have no Idea how much we enjoyed it, and it was a great first step to getting our team back on track.

We night have some footage of the finals… We shot a lot of film…

That would be great. If anyone has anything I’m interested in hearing how I sounded (announcing part time).

awesome, you think you can post it, or send me a link or even the footage itself? and dont worry dave, i think you did great, as well as billfred. tons of fun over all, great time, hope you all had fun. i hope to see all of you next year (when i come for daves job as announcer ;)) lates

Yea, Ill get my video guy on it, but might take a little time, Also our footage of the finals is sorta limited. But after we edit it, we will show you what we got.

Psh, that was nothing. I was still fresh that day–all I’d accomplished that day on the east coast was cramming my clothes and such in a suitcase, driving up to Charlotte, eating, and getting through security.

I just realized that I hadn’t done two things I had been meaning to do: post pictures on CD (c’mon, there’s far more of them out there!) and say a few thank-yous of my own.

First off, thanks to Ken Leung and the entire WRRF for doing an amazing job with Cal Games this year. The amount of communication via CD and other means was the best I’d seen of any off-season I’ve been to, and quite possibly beats FIRST regionals. Now take all that praise and double it for taking a chance on a nut from South Carolina for one of the most visible positions on the field. It was a great time, one I hope to make again.

Further thanks to Mauri and Connie Laitinen of 115 for the place to stay during the event. When I was making plans to go, I was hopeful to find a couch somewhere out there. They certainly overdelivered on that, making me almost awake for the event. (Hey, all you East Coast folks–if you go out west, you feel like you’re sleeping in even though it’s normal time!)

Big props to Mark Leon for emceeing the event and handling Paly’s attack gracefully. I’d met Mark before on Curie in 2005, but working together on the same field was a great experience. Mark really could do this job blindfolded. (Well, maybe not–but that’s another story for another time.)

Further appreciation to David “sanddrag” Black for being a great partner on the microphone. Easy to work with, always willing to help, and really needs to come out East one of these days. :wink:

I’d be remiss to forget about Cory McBride for the lift from SFO, even if it scared me about as much as being in front of 604’s shooter on the field. (I got the nickel tour of 254’s shop as we loaded Cory’s SUV up. It’s a really great facility.)

Thanks to 968 for coming up from Los Angeles for the event. It was great meeting the whole crew–they’re a world-class team.

I’ve also got to show my appreciation to 1351 for their performance in the last finals match. As you’ve probably read by now, 1351’s alliance partners (192 and 840) didn’t move for the whole match. They’re pitted against 254, 968, and 1516, and they still put up 18 points single-bottedly. That never-say-die spirit is one of those reasons I love coming to these competitions.

Finally, thanks to Bill Gold and his entire family for hosting Ken and myself on Sunday afternoon following Cal Games. I might not have been the best conversationalist (as I was still recovering from the event and the time change the night before) while there, but the dinner was amazing. (The only down side was having to get back used to campus dining 24 hours later…but I can handle that. ;))

There’s more people I probably should be thanking but have forgotten–you know who you are. Next year, it’ll take something big to keep me from going back to Cal Games.