WRRF 2007 Events Announcement

The WRRF BOD met last night and we’ve set up a tentative schedule for CalGames 2007 and WRRF workshops for this fall (yep, starting early this year!):smiley: . The dates below are subject to change; goal is to announce these to the WRRF community, get feedback, make changes if required, and announce full calendar no later than May 1.

** CalGames 2007
October 19-20, location TBD

** Workshops
September 22 and December 1, location (s) TBD

WRRF BOD is seeking locations and a bid request will be sent out later this weekend to [email protected] and to team key contacts known to us. The RFP (Request for Proposal) will list a series of questions for the interested school/organization (size of facilities, etc. etc. etc.) :slight_smile: I’ll try to post the document here a little later if folks are interested.

Interested schools/groups should email [email protected] or join [email protected]

Best regards to all!

Ceal Craig
Secretary/Treasurer WRRF BOD

The following message is from Ceal Craig:

Hello teams!!

We’ll say more in future weeks on the outstanding success of so many Bay
Area teams in the recent FIRST regional competitions, but suffice it to say;
we have some great teams here, don’t we! <G>

Today’s message is about CalGames 2007. As we mentioned in early March,
planning is moving forward for CalGames 2007. We are seeking bids for
hosting schools/groups interested in hosting the WRRF event in mid-October.

So far, two teams have expressed interest in hosting. We do plan to review
the bids on April 30 at a WRRF BOD meeting and send an announcement on time
an place around May 1. Thus, if your team/school/group is interested, we
need to hear this NOW.

Please reach out to me ASAP if you are interested in hosting CalGames 2007.

Ceal Craig
WRRF BOD Secretary/Treasurer

CalGames 2007!!

The 2007 CalGames will be held on October 12-13. (see note below). The
competition will be on October 13 (Saturday) with pits opening the evening
before on October 12 (Friday). The exact location will be announced shortly
while we get a few more questions answered. Registration information will be
posted here by mid-May.

Please respond to [email protected] if you are interested in receiving
information on CalGames registration. Each team should designate a contact
person and one backup to receive this information directly by email.

Planning is underway!

What general area is it being held in? I want to try to get my team to go up.

CalGames is usually held in Silicon Valley / SF Bay Area.

Although we are still in the location bidding process, here is the location for previous year’s Cal Games to give you a better idea of where the event might be held this year:

2000-2001: Evergreen community college (San Jose Area)
2002: Pioneer High School (San Jose Area)
2003-2004: Woodside High School (approximately 30 miles south of San Francisco)
2006: Pioneer High School (San Jose Area)

Has there been any discussion of modifying the rules?

More points for autonomous, no penalty for ramps-on-tubes, alternative ways to score, ect… :smiley:

Just to clarify and make sure there is no confusion, the new date and new location for Cal Games has now been announced in this thread: http://www.chiefdelphi.com/forums/showthread.php?threadid=57467

Please direct all discussion there!