[WRRF]: 7/29 CalGames Planning Meeting #3 notes

The following are the notes taken by Ceal Craig from the planning meeting at Google last Saturday.

7/29 CalGames Planning Meeting #3

Good news!
4 teams registered to date w/ checks: 1351, 766, 1280, 192

You can express interest, turn in registration intent, but if there is a
competition for slots, the order is the checks received. 9/1 is date for

Attendees on 7/29: 581, 1458, 766, 1351, 114, 1120, 115 (most reps here

Recap meeting of 6/29 (?) 15 min
o Side events, awards
Committee Reports: Field, Registration, Awards 45 min
Small group discussion (TBD)
Summarize 10 min

Actions for next weeks: communicate a bit more, maybe some smaller messages.

ACTION: C2 to send message out to community

Changes at the FIRST support level in the area: Jason moving to IFI and Jim
Beck continuing as FIRST Regional Director. Phyllis sent out the message to
community list: Subscription issues: WRRF mailman

Concern what teams are not receiving information. Email contacts received
for missing teams from FIRST.

Action: Radar – Eugene, 1280, had a radar gun for this.
Action: Dave - field elements
Action: alliance selection process: need message on that.
Publicity : Laura sent out a plan and we’ll review with committee reports.

Practice Round + 5 Quals or 6 Quals. Majority for 6 quals. Keep alliance
selection process the same.

Side Events: table this until more input provided by community and other
teams not present.

Field Elements Dave Sheridan
o NASA has perimeter field, does not have polycarbonate sides, BUT the
in-house teams do have the polycarbonate sides for both ends, 3/8" thick.
Carpet too. Truck it to school; is this an in-house team handling the
trucking or NASA (ACTION: Dave inquire w/ Joe). 3 ramps worth: all wood.
o Dave reach out to Joe Herring to see the field elements.
o Other elements
1280: have a center goal, free standing, plywood w/ light
766: have a center goal, free standing, plywood, no light
1120: have a center goal, free standing, plywood, w/ light, partial
1351: partial ramp, half width.
NASA: full ramps, all wood.
Needs: need diamond plate covered; wood on top? Need the HTPE?
Corner Goals: NASA field.
Focus on ramp into the goal. Plywood ok; probably need some supports
ETC for what is needed (what remains to be done).
ask Jim if we can get any of the field elements from FIRST
or from one of the other off-season events.
Balls: Bring balls!!
80 required to start a match. Need extras. 120 might be enough.
Dave going to ask about balls.
o How to put it together. Do a trial run with existing parts to NASA
in-house field? A couple of days earlier than game.
o Have a BUILD day getting teams involved!

Registration Phyllis
o Four teams signed up so far.
o Sending complete forms, holding checks.

Awards Team 115
o Design complete. Team 115 has the accessories at school.
o Ken K is getting the wafers
o Have updated the FIRST logo
o Aim High Champions and Aim High Finalist for sure.
o Settle on final awards: <=9/15
o Can make all the frames ahead of time.
o Need budget.

Publicity Laura
o Sponsor Banner
o Mercury News: business events email.
o Reach out to Scott Budman, tech on Channel 11
o Team 1351 might have a contact at Channel 11
o Mythbusters: need a myth on robots for them to do at Cal Games.
o Reach out to Grant from Richmond?

Preliminary Publicity Plan
Cal Games 2006

Purpose of Publicity:
. Inform families and friends of FIRST teams about Cal Games
. Invite general public to attend
. Get the support of school administrators to support robotics
programs by getting them to see a live competition
. Get general media coverage of the event (which will aid in corporate
sponsor solicitations)
. Raise awareness of WRRF - explore solicitation of potential
grants/sponsors at the WRRF level to support multiple FIRST robotics teams.

Target Audiences:
. School administration - superintendents, principals, school boards
. Potential Corporate sponsors
. News media
. Families and friends of teams
. General Public

Distribution Media:
. sent to teams to forward to school administration, families and
corporate sponsors
. to news media - press releases to newspaper, radio, and TV
. follow-up press releases to newspapers and TV
letters and flyers:
. mailed to Bay Area school superintendents (and maybe principals)

Press Packet Contents:
. Game Announcement Flyer
. Press Release for the game giving background of WRRF and FIRST and
directing reader to the respective websites for more information
. Generic invitation/information letter for school administration
(superintendents, principals, school boards, science teachers)
. Generic invitation/information letter for potential sponsors

What Publicity will do:
. write press release, letters to school admin, letter to potential
. Put together an electronic press packet with contents listed above
. Email electronic press packet to WRRF mailing list and request help
to forward information to interested parties.
. Email information to school newsletter editors
. Contact newspapers, radio, TV
. Mail letters to school superintendents (and maybe principals) of
public high schools in Bay area counties only.
What I’ll need help with:
. Review of press kit materials. Volunteers: Mike Schmit, Ken Krieger.
Stephanie Schmit
. Other FIRST Teams to forward email information to appropriate people
. Other FIRST Teams to help identify appropriate news media
. Other FIRST Teams help identify local school newsletter editors

Referees Randy Lam
o Looking for volunteers. Need 8 refs on field, possibly a couple of
backups. Recent high school graduates (going locally) & adults.
o Looking for ref shirts on EBay.

Scoring System Ken Leung
o Clickers (Randy will get).
o White boards to write on.
o Ref scoring sheets (Ken to talk to Jim Beck).
o Ken to talk to SCRF and to IFI. Ken to talk to IFI about borrowing scoring
system and a helper.

Inspectors Alan Federman (Lead): Mike Schmit
o Need 5 minimum inspectors; strive for 8 inspectors
o KEN L: reach out to Alan.

Day of Event
o Signage: team 1458

o Weekly communicator.
o 7/30 Message:
o Registration intent, check to follow, emphasize, no reservation
without check.
o Volunteer!!! List of jobs needed. Leads and worker bees
o Refs: criteria (Adult, recent high school graduate)
o Food?? Any team want to organize this?

o Committee chairs send message to Ken and Ceal by Saturday night
o Ceal or Ken will send out message to Community Sunday night

**Open Items:
*Side Events
*Logistics Planning

Ceal Craig
WRRF BOD Liaison
[email protected]