[WRRF]: 8/19 CalGames Planning Meeting #4 @ Google

The following are the notes taken by Ceal Craig from the planning meeting at Google last Saturday.

8/19 CalGames Planning Meeting #4 @ Google

Thanks to Ken Krieger and Google for hosting WRRF at meeting today. Big

Current BOD is Ken Krieger, President; Sandy Fitch, Treasurer; Ceal Craig,
Secretary; Harry Garland, Eugene Brooks, and Mike Schmit. It is Ken, Sandy,
and Harry’s intention to resign from the BOD in next month or so as new BOD
members join. Norma Hammes and Jim Beck recently resigned and were replaced
at the 8/16 BOD meeting.

****The WRRF community appreciates the years of service from Ken Krieger,
Jim Beck, Sandy Fitch, Norma Hammes, and Harry Garland! Thank you!

Web site not yet updated, but log-in and password has now been obtained, so
. soon! Thank you Alan Federman for volunteering to do this.

7 teams registered to date w/ checks: 1351, 766, 1280, 192, 100, 1458, 114

Interest expressed: 254, 1120, 481, 1072, 115

REPEAT: You can express interest, turn in registration intent, but if there
is a competition for slots, the order is the checks received. 9/1 is date
for checks.

100, 114, 115. 254, 481, 668, 766, 1072, 1120, 1280, 1351, 1458, 1700
WRRF BOD present: Ceal Craig, Eugene Brooks, Mike Schmit, Ken Krieger.

NASA Field will be used. Dave has made contact with Joe Herring. NASA will
transport the field to competition. High goals; corner goals; ramps and
platform are all available from NASA and local teams, but all are wood with
no covers and some center goals are primarily free-standing and would have
to be modified. Wood pieces will need to be modified to protect them.
Suggestion: find a location to deliver the field elements to assess what
modifications need to be done.

668 (Pioneer) ACTION: can we use the mini-gym for 4-5 weeks prior to the
CalGames to modify the field elements (assess, paint, cut wood)?

WRRF BOD ACTION: insurance necessary before folks start cutting.

WRRF BOD ACTION: prepare for CalGames 2007 and FIRST 2007: find a location
to set up field for future use (during next competition season & next

AWARDS (115 Report):
15 awards: 6 for Aim High game champion & finalist; 2 for side events; 2 for
game performance; 1 for safety; 1 for gracious professionalism. $53/award
for assembly, matting, frame & glass for professional service. Go with big
and small awards. Need names for awards.

8-10 ref shirts: $20 each. Clickers: $9. WRRF BOD said go ahead.

PUBLICITY (Laura Rhodes, 100)
Laura is preparing a press packet to provide to administrators and potential
sponsors by ~9/9 (FIRST brochures, info about WRRF, flyer about Cal Games,
etc.). Laura will send to every superintendent in Bay Area districts;
difficult to reach out to every high school (private or public) and provide
a CD to each team interested in providing the information. Deborah (668)
will check to see where the banner can be placed and the max size; Laura
will contact Ben (1072) for printer possibilities. Ceal or Ken make contact
w/ Jim Beck at FIRST.

WRRF BOD ACTION: create a set of information to include.

Support fee: 6-8 people per team to volunteer for each 3-hour set-up or
take-down session. One shift for three hours assuming 24 teams to get
$100 back.

100 ACTION: check to see if the underlayment (Masonite) sheets are there or

Friday AM (10/27): need non-students primarily (since students are in
school). Individual volunteers: ACTION email on individual volunteer needs.

Mike and Phyllis (1351) will develop a phone list with volunteer team

Randy, Dave, Alvin, John, Mike will be deputies during the CalGames.

ACTION: ask Dr. Chris Kitt at SCU for volunteers (college students).
ACTION: Event Center Coordinator at SJSU for volunteers.
ACTION: reach out to Mark Leon at NASA about MCing.

ACTION: Ken and advance team will visit Pioneer in next couple of weeks to
get more exact measurements to do layouts and such.

9/16: 1 - 2:30 at Pioneer, Lonny’s classroom.