[WRRF]: Announcing the CalGames Documents Portal

[WRRF] Announcing the CalGames Documents Portal (with Rule Change,Awards, and other updates)

Hi folks,

In an effort to keep the WRRF community updated on our planning process,
I’ve decided to use Google Docs & Spreadsheets to publish our documents
online. Although some documents will remain private between the group
leaders, myself, and the WRRF BOD, I will release as many as possible to
involve the community in the planning process. The CalGames Documents
Portal is the place to access these documents. It can be viewed here:

In the months to come, I hope to utilize Google Docs & Spreadsheets to:

  1. Publish discussions of various aspect of the competition (Rule Change
    and Awards being examples of such discussions).

  2. Release various organizational charts and calendar (Project Calendar
    and Leadership Recruitment being examples).

  3. Release updates on the CalGames Planning Process.

  4. Release various decisions made by the Planning Committee (Finalized
    rule change, new award announcements being examples).

  5. Release important documents to help Teams prepare for CalGames.

The Rule Change discussion and Award discussion is now published in
the Documents
Portal <http://docs.google.com/View?docid=dckg6524_6d8tk23>. Check them for
the latest additions in those discussions.

One of the advantages of Google Docs is the ability to share documents with
others to work in collaboration. The CalGames planning committee (ie. The
WRRF BOD, the group leaders, and myself) will have the ability to modify
many of the documents. That might be changed in the future, but at the
moment, if you wish to take an active role in the CalGames planning
process, you will need to volunteer to be a part of the planning

As for the rest of folks who only wish to observe and offer input when they
feel they have something valuable to contribute, particularly in the
discussions about rules and awards, they must be sent to
wheres_kenny@hotmail.com and Ceal@wrrf.org and we will publish the input for

I look forward to hearing from you in the next few months!

-Ken Leung
07 CalGames Program Manager