[WRRF]: Aug 11 Planning Meeting Notes

Notes taken by Ceal Craig

CalGames 2007 Planning Meeting #3

Teams Present: 100, 114, 115, 192, 604, 668, 692, 766, 846, 1072, 1351, 2141, 2159

Welcome & Introductions

  • Introduced teams and many volunteers present!

  • Registration completely full at 30 paid teams as of 8/6.

  • Review of agenda
    Registration Oversubscription Challenge & Increasing Team Limit
    Problem Statement: Two teams who have not paid registration fee are interested in competing; registration is currently full at 30 paid teams. WRRF BOD decided to reach out to community before deciding on extending to 36 teams or remaining with 30 as planned.

Assumptions: 7-8 minutes a match; minimum 5 qualifying matches for each team.
FYI: 24 teams only last few years of CalGames

Ideas to support extended to 36 teams:

  • Start earlier? We do have an aggressive schedule already though…
  • Reduce/eliminate introductions of teams at each match
  • Quarter finals limited to one match.
  • More opportunity for teams, quantity of them
  • Go to six alliances and have byes
  • Field 4 robots instead of 3 in an alliance?
  • Eliminate quarter finals completely? Only 8 (?) teams for semi-finals
  • With 36 teams, less matches possibly for more teams.
  • If cut Quarter finals, again less match play for some teams
  • If finals are important part of competition, maybe go with one less qualifier?
  • Less opportunity for participating teams
  • Pit time might decrease if the time between matches has to be tighter.
  • Recovery time for issues is decreased
  • Quality of event for smaller number of teams versus quantity of teams participating
  • Responding to issues in quarter finals is a key element of competition.
  • Quarter-finals with one match makes winners almost random.
  • Typical competition is 3 days. First day is practice and field crew is learning that day. CalGames is the “first day.” Putting the robot ramps away takes more time.
  • Trying to open it up may jam us up.
  • Experienced teams have often graduated; teams participating may have a higher ratio of new people

Consensus of the Meeting providing input to WRRF BOD:
12 teams voted stay at 30 teams; 2 teams voted move to 36.
NOTE: Less than 50% of registered teams were present.

Logistical issues and setup/teardown plan, support fee work shifts
Volunteer Support Deposit – Time Blocks:

  • Thursday
    o Load truck, move truck to venue, unload truck
  • Friday
    o Noon at this point
    o Set up pit area
    o Set up main gym w/ underlayment & carpet
    o Set up playing field
  • Saturday evening
    o Clean up
  • Sunday morning/early afternoon
    o Move truck to storage facility
    o Unload truck
    Getting carpet & field from NASA-Ames
  • Need to be citizens, names will be needed ahead of time to ensure visitor badges are available in office.
    Set-up Tasks
  • Aiming for faster set up with more detailed assigned tasks. Detailed task list will be provided to teams for these tasks.
  • Plastic coated lead shot mallets needed
  • Reviewed rough draft handout. Provide input to Ken and Mike directly on details you think are missing
    Tear down
  • Reviewed rough draft handout. Again provide input to Mike and Ken.
  • Loading diagrams for truck will be available
    Spider Rack
  • Was assembled at one time. Full Rack.
    Volunteer Recruitment
  • Key areas missing a lead: Inspection, A/V,
  • Need people for various groups: queuing, inspection, field crew, field reset,
  • Recent alumni are great for refs! Parents for field crew, queuing.
  • Field Technical Advisors
  • Photographers, Pit Admin,
  • Food: free lunch (really!) For volunteers that work during day/competition.

Supplies for CalGames

  • Ringers! We have…10 black, 2 red/white, 1 blue/white, 26 blue, 26 red. They pop. Need more ringers from teams!

  • Need four lights for top of rack.

  • Autonomous change being considered: fixed bonus if robot scores in autonomous.
    (a) 0, (b) 5, © 10, (d) 15, (e) 20
    (a) 1 vote
    (b) 1 vote
    © 3 votes
    (d) 6 votes
    (3) 1 vote

September Workshop

  • 9/15 or 9/22. Will depend mostly on availability of space at Santa Clara University. Waiting to hear back on that. Announcement soon! NOTE: ACT test on 9/15… Yom Kippur on 9/22. Conflicts…
  • Focus: AM workshops will be morning-long subjects requiring more in-depth study/practice thus providing more time before FIRST 2008. PM workshops will likely be panel discussions on team formation, team governance, communications, etc.
  • Have CalGames 2007 volunteer meeting at end of day
  • Suggestion: AutoCAD workshop
    December Workshop
  • Planned for 12/1.
  • Focus: mini-workshops on various topics preparing teams for FIRST 2008 competition (motors, physics, rookie team overview, etc.
  • Past Workshops:
    How to Start Programming, Robot Controller and Programming Software Tools, Robot Physics, Strength of Materials, A Tutorial for Using DC motors System Engineering approach to Robot Design, 3D Studio Max, Rookie Team Orientation to FIRST (Schedules, Tips), Electronics: A short course