[WRRF]: Cal Games - request for game balls

The following is a message from Dave Sheridan of team 766, leader of the field element group.

Cal Game Participants,

The upcoming Cal Games will require robots, a playing field and of course plenty of Poof Slinky balls. Instead of wasting money on purchasing new balls why not just pool the surplus of balls that many of the teams have tucked away in some closet. We are asking each team to supply just five balls for the competition. The balls need to be in good shape but do not need to be brand new. A donation of five balls from each team will supply the competition with 120 or so balls. 80 are actually required but the wear and tear of the competition necessitates a large excess of spares.

Please email me the quantity of balls you can bring to the competition. If we fall short of our goal of 120 we will then place a single Poof Slinky order to get the best possible price break.

Lastly, please put aside the balls earmarked for the competition so they don’t get damaged while testing out your robot.


Dave Sheridan