[WRRF]: Cal Games Weekly #5 Sep 28th

Cal Games Weekly #5 Sep 28th

Hi folks,

This is a very short update of the Cal Games planning progress. This update is so short you would’ve finished reading it by now if you skipped this sentence and moved ahead.

—30 Days until Cal Games—

#1. Volunteer recruitment status:
Competition volunteers: ---------85%- (45 out of 50 positions filled)
Setup/Tear down volunteers: --------75%-- (15 out of 20 work shift filled)

We are getting REALLY close to having all positions filled. In terms of competition volunteer (for Saturday), we really need a few more folks for Field Tech, Volunteer Coordinator, and Pit Admin. And even though we have 9 referees, we need a few more because some of those folks aren’t sure if they can do it.

In terms of the work shifts for setup/tear down, we really need a few more teams to volunteer for the Thursday evening (1 signed up) and Sunday morning shifts (0 signed up). To team 115, 192, 852, 1120, 1280, and 1516, I am asking you to consider changing to those shifts because teams coming from far away can only volunteer for the Saturday teardown shift, which is at present full.

(For the latest status of who signed up for what, look at the volunteer chart and setup flow chart at the bottom of this page: http://www.chiefdelphi.com/forums/showthread.php?t=48749 )

#2. The big to-do list: Little details we need to mop up.

The list is every little thing we need accomplished before Cal Games. It will continue to grow and shrink depending on what’s done and what else we can think of.

  1. Finding a place to store the plywood/masonite after Cal Games is over, because there is no room in storage. - Taken cared of by team 114
  2. Purchase tapes and misc. supplies for setup and tear down.
  3. Work out the details of picking up 80+ sheets of plywood/masonite at Woodside high school. - Taken cared of by team 100
  4. Specify judging criteria for the robot awards.
  5. Full descriptions of awards.
  6. Rent a projection screen for scoring displays.
  7. Examine Pioneer’s audio system’s specification.
  8. Pit Area Rules and restrictions: determine number and type of power tools allowed in the pit and have a set of safety rules.
  9. Locate a scale and tape measurer for robot inspection. - Taken cared of by team 114
  10. Follow up on the needs of the FLL/Vex folks for their displays.
  11. Specify judging criteria for the Gracious Professionalism/Safety awards.
  12. Buying chips for safety/GP awards.
  13. Looking at the power lay out in the main gym.
  14. Pick up FRS radio from Playing-at-learning folks. - Taken cared of by Ceal & Tim.
  15. Getting headsets for the radios.
  16. Getting musics for the DJ to play (I have the list of songs played at regionals).
  17. Getting Grant from Mythbuster to speak at Cal Games (contacting team 841).
  18. Need two long PVC pipe or sticks to unjam center goals when balls get stuck.

That’s all folks!

-Ken Leung
06’ Cal Games Manager