[WRRF]: CalGames 2007: Registration OPEN!

***Announcing Registration for CalGames 2007! ***

Competition Date: October 12 - 13, 2007

Competition Venue: Woodside High School, Woodside CA

Competition: Cal Games 2007 will be a replay of the FIRST Robotics 2007 game.

Registration: $400 + $100 Volunteer Support Deposit = $500

TO obtain the Microsoft Word registration form, please email ceal@wrrf.org.

  **To register, please complete the form, and send with checks **

** payable to WRRF to:**
** WRRF, 2530 Berryessa Road, #134, San Jose CA 95132-2903**

If you have questions: send an email to ceal@wrrf.org. You should receive an answer within two business days; in particular, replies are fastest on weekends.

“First come, first served” will be the process.

An “Intent to Register” will be accepted only through August 1. Checks must be received by August 1 to guarantee a team’s registration. Registrations received after August 1 will only be confirmed if checks accompany them.

We are expecting 30 teams this year and will need to close registration after 30 teams complete their registration.

There will be a Cal Games kickoff meeting in June. Information regarding the meeting date, time, and location, will be sent out shortly. It is vital we obtain contact information for your team: send emails to ceal@wrrf.org to confirm the email addresses we have for your team!

Inform everyone on your team about this event, and think about what you and your team can do to help.

GO CalGames 2007!

– Registration, inspection, field and pit setup on Friday; competition on Saturday.

– Cal Games is a COMMUNITY event. We NEED EVERYONE in the Bay Area FIRST community to join the Cal Games Planning Committee to help put the competition together over the course of the summer! The Cal Games Planning Committee is open for all to join, whether you are a student or an adult. So think about what kind of event you want, what side events, what awards, what speakers, what displays, and come speak your mind at the summer meetings!

– REGISTRATION process is same as last year: registration is a first-come-first-served basis, with a $400 registration fee (lower than last year) plus a $100 support deposit. The support deposit will be refunded after CalGames 2007 if that club puts in a significant amount of volunteer time helping the event take place. In particular, getting items from the storage locker, setting up the field and pit area, and the take-down and clean-up activities takes a lot of willing bodies. So, plan to get the $100 back for your club by volunteering for CalGames 2007.

From May 13 to August 1,** Bay Area teams are eligible to register for Cal Games 2007 without restriction.** Non-Bay Area teams can also register. The number of non-Bay Area teams will be limited to about 20% of competing teams until August 2. Waiting lists will be maintained in the event that the event is over-subscribed, and the waiting lists will be cleared with invitations and prompt receipt of registration fees, during the first week of August. After that, registration will be completely open: any team and a second robot from any team, until closure of the registration period on September 15.

Note: the event will be canceled unless enough teams completely register by September 2 and registration fees will be refunded.

***Send your registration form (get the form by email from ceal@wrrf.org) and checks made out to WRRF to:

2530 Berryessa Road, #134
San Jose CA 95132-2903

Any conflicts on check arrival timing will be resolved using the envelope’s postmark date and time.

A liability waiver for the Woodside Unified School District and for WRRF will need to be completed by every team member attending, similar to that done for any FIRST competition. These will be in each team’s registration packet send several weeks before the competition.

[FONT=Arial]An update: We have 4 teams signed up, one week after registration opened! [/FONT]

[FONT=Arial]10 teams in total have received registration forms. [/FONT]

[FONT=Arial]Registration is moving along! :smiley: [/FONT]

[FONT=Arial]Write for more information about CalGames 2007 to ceal@wrrf.org[/FONT]

Yup, I heard 973, 997, 1516, 2144 are the ones who signed up already, three of which have never attended Cal Games before (or at least in the past few years)! That should put all of you Cal Games veterans to shame.

Let’s get moving!

I’m trying to get 294 up there. We’ll be entering two robots if we can.

Even if they can’t make it, I’ll be there with 973 probably.

997 is super excited to go :slight_smile: we are going to have a blast seeing some friendly faces there :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Here is a message from Ceal about the Cal Games kickoff meeting we are going to have on the 23rd of June. Come by if you plan on helping us with the planning process over the summer!

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From: Ceal Craig
To: Ken Leung
Sent: Tuesday, June 12, 2007 9:43 PM
Subject: CalGames 2007 Kickoff Meeting

This was sent on Saturday to the community@wrrf.org (which apparently still is not working) and to all the emails I have for contacts of teams

***CalGames 2007 Kickoff Meeting

June 23, 2007, Saturday, 1-3 PM

Woodside High School, Woodside CA (see directions below)

Get more details about event plans and see the planned venue. Become part of the volunteer group needed to make CalGames 2007 a reality. Last summer, the meetings over the summer were an essential element in the success of CalGames 2006. Students, mentors, coaches, teachers, and parents: all are welcome. Any team planning to participate should attempt to send a representative if at all possible.


From HWY 280, take the Woodside Road exit. Take Woodside Road (going toward Redwood City/Atherton), for 0.8 mile, turn right onto Churchill Ave., go past football field and turn left into parking lot.

From the parking lot, follow the alleyway between the Performing Arts Center and the classrooms, down the hill to the G wing where we will meet.

Ceal Craig

WRRF BOD Secretary/Treasurer