WRRF CalGames 2013

With CalGames coming up in less than 3 days, I thought I’d start the thread for the event.

I’m super stoked for this year’s CalGames event! I’ll be the DJ for the weekend, so if anyone has any song requests feel free to post them here.

Who’s attending CalGames? Has anyone made any changes to their robots? What are you most excited about?

I was wondering when someone would start one…

We’re bringing our offseason bot Mark III to the competiton. Hopefully (with the hours ticking down) we’ll fix our last few programming problems and be able to run a 7 disc auto!

Does anyone know when the preliminary schedule will get posted?

2073 will be there!

After Powerhouse proved our FCS worked, we’ve made a tweak here and there to improve reliability. We have also added a feeder shoot for consistent and continuous loading, something we have been sorely lacking.

In addition, we plan on having our off-board vision tracking system fully functional for automatic alignment for our FCS.

It should be an epic event.

Does anyone know if WRRF got their remaining volunteer slots filled?
They were still looking for someone to “Webcast the event, 1 or 2 Photographers, 4 dedicated Queuing volunteers, 3 Score keepers, and 1 Referee (please note this must be college age or older)” as of this morning.

Team 846 is very happy to be joining all of you at CalGames!

Ultimate Funky Object may look the same, but underneath the hood and behind the driver station glass, it’s all completely different. Here’s a sneak preview:

Good luck to everyone going to CalGames! We plan to have a lot of fun.

Anyone have the webcast link?

Will the trophies have an asterisk on them considering 254 isn’t competing? :wink:

Well, I’d hope that the winners and finalists will have really earned their place in the finals, just as they would at any event! But, yes, it will be interesting to see how eliminations plays out without a team as completely dominant as 254. All the same, we’ll miss them.

2122 is packing the trailer and loading the robot today! We spent the summer creating a new robot to the extent that the only carryover mechanisms are the drive units. Looking forward to having some fun in Sunnyvale…

Currently the position for webcasting the event hasn’t been taken yet, so there is no webcast link.

And there will be no asterisks on the trophies - we’ll just have a separate set of awards for “Team(s) who usually win CalGames” and “Team(s) who actually won CalGames”.

I’m kinda disappointed 254 won’t be there. Who else is going to show us how to Dip?

1678 is looking to continue it’s off-season undefeated streak! [/blatantbragging]

But in all seriousness, I’m really looking forward to being back at this event. So many great teams, it should be a blast!

1678 was hoping to webcast, but I think too many of our kids are taking the SAT on Saturday… I’ll double check today and see if we can make something happen.

The preliminary schedule is on the WRRF Website.


Though I suppose you’re thinking of actual matches. Hopefully that will come, soon, though I expect that to be handed out when teams sign in.

I think he means match schedule.

Yeah I just realized that and edited my original post. In the past, I think we have received the schedule at sign in.

Is there a teamlist anywhere?

That’s on the website too:


Complete with robot names and sponsors. Looks like a pre-Rookie team is coming. Should be fun.

Capuchino HS is now team 5023, incidentally.

Checked with our webcast guys today. Apparently not one, not two, but all three of the guys who put on the Powerhouse Pwnage webcast will be taking SAT’s this weekend. Bummer!

Aww… I was looking forward to watching the webcast! Can anyone else do it?

What’s Code Orange doing this weekend? There’s an opening for CalGames if y’all wanna come up and compete. :stuck_out_tongue:

Why watch the webcast when you can be at the event?

I heard 254 couldn’t go because of the government shutdown.

EDIT: IE, I heard that 254 was invited from the waitlist, but couldn’t attend because they couldn’t get their robot out of NASA. I should have elaborated more. I believe it was a Marin County team that had to drop out at the last minute.

The opening isn’t 254. It’s another team. I don’t think 254 would have gone regardless of the shutdown, since they were on the wait list with us a long time before the shutdown was even relevant. Someone from their team can clarify if I’m wrong.