WRRF Code wrapper for Innovation FIRST Code

Ahoy, mateys. The WRRF Programming Gnomes have been busy in their caves hacking out some very nice template code for the new Innovation First control system. Included is information and (much easier to use) template code for using digital I/O, analog inputs, interrupts, and even a much more refined printf() function (in addition to the all new tprintf() function for throttled output). Here is a reprint of the email sent out on the WRRF mailing list, last night:

Hello folks!

Just a quick note to let everyone know that the WRRF code wrapper that
we used in the programming classes is finally available for download
from the WRRF site.

There is a version for the EDU controller, and a version for the FRC
controller. Quite a bit of addidional work was put into the overall
wrapper since the classes in the fall. We have enhanced the printing
functions, and added a framework for interrupt handling. The error
checking has been enhanced, and of course it is now available for both
the EDU and the FRC controller.

So, please have a look. Hopefully for those still working to understand
how to program the new controllers, the wrapper will simplify the task
of getting your robot up and running in record time. As you use the
features of the wrapper, please feel free to submit suggestions for
improvements, and enhancements you would like to see to make your life
easier. We will do our best to be responsive. And of course, if you
you are having any problems, or you find a bug, please contact us as
well. We want to make this the best it can be for everyone.

Submit your questions or comments to programming@wrrf.org

The files can be downloaded from the WRRF site at the following

for EDU: http://www.wrrf.org/Downloads/WRRF%20EDU%20Code%20040201.zip
for FRC: http://www.wrrf.org/Downloads/WRRF%20FRC%20Code%20040202.zip

Best of luck!!


If you have any questions, feel free to email programming@wrrf.org, as stated in the abovequoted email.