WRRF meeting on 5/31/03 preping for team forum

Hey everyone!

    The team forum is coming on June 4th, and we haven't had a WRRF meeting for a long time.  It's about time we get together to talk, and prep up for the team forum so we can discuss the issues we want to bring up and tell FIRST what's on our mind.

     So, let's have a meeting next Saturday, May 31st, the weekend before the team forum.  The meeting place is at San Jose State university, Room 216 in the Industrial study building (Building 32 on the map), between 10th street and San Fernando Street.  The meeting will start at the usual 10am, and should last about 2 hours.  We promise to keep it as short as possible.

     A map of the campus can be found here:  http://www.sjsu.edu/campusmap/map.html.  Inside the web page is a link for directions to SJSU:  http://www.sjsu.edu/directions.html.  It is recommended that you park at the 10th street garage, because it's right across the street from the Industrial study building.

     Things to talk about at the meeting:
  1. Team forum! Please bring a list of things you want to talk about, so you have time to organize your thoughts beforehand.

  2. There will be an update on the status and progress of WRRF organization, and the legislation we are working on.

  3. Dates for Cal Game and the workshops. (Please think of suggestions for side events you want to see at Cal Game.)

If you have any questions, please e-mail me.

See you next Saturday!

-Ken Leung