[WRRF] Upcomming Team Forum...

From Ken Krieger:

Hello Folks!

This is the first of a couple e-mails regarding upcomming events that WRRFers will care about!

The Team Forum is THURS AUG 1 at San Jose State Univ. If you have not yet registered, please do! It is important to register so that FIRST can make proper catering arrangements. Contact Jason Morrella if you have any trouble registering, or don’t have access to the registration system (ie. not your team’s primary contact, not on a team but should be there, etc…).

As you all know, we were able to influence a number of important FIRST policies last season because we presented a single unified voice to FIRST.

The folks in Manchester were quite impressed.

In order to do this again, we will be discussing the topics that we want to bring to their attention at the WRRF Meeting on Saturday. So that this discussion on saturday can be the most effective, and concise, we would like to collect everyones ideas and opinions on this ahead of time. We will present the list to the group on saturday for further discussion.

PLEASE E-MAIL JASON MORRELLA ( jmorrella@usfirst.org ) with suggestions for improvement, gripes, and ideas that you want raised at the Aug 1 Team Forum. Include a couple sentances describing your topic.

PLEASE GET THESE TO HIM NO LATER THAN THURSDAY EVENING so he has time to compile everyones ideas into a single list.

Thanks for your help, and look forward to seeing you all there on Saturday!!