[WRRF]: Volunteer Opportunities at 2007 CalGames

To the WRRF Community and the FIRST community,

We officially begin volunteer recruitment for our 2007 Northern California Robot Games! If you and your team participated in CalGames before, or any of the FIRST regionals, you know how much help is needed to run the competition. With 30 teams registered 8 weeks before the event, this will be the biggest off-season WRRF has ever organized since 2000! So once again we need the community to step up and volunteer.

For available volunteer positions and descriptions, please visit the CalGames Document Portal, specifically, the link labeled 2007 CalGames Competition Volunteers under “Organizational Charts, Calendar, & Volunteer Recruitment”. Once again, we have the usual positions of team queuing, field reset, referee, inspectors, scorekeeper, game announcer, DJ, Pit Admin, and photographer. Particularly, we are looking for experienced team mentors to volunteer as Inspectors and perform safety inspections on robots.

But new this year, we added the positions of “Traffic Control” to help direct robots between the Pit Area and the Field. I’ve also added the positions of " Special assistants to Event Manager", two individuals who will be working with me to manage the event the day of.

Signing up to be a volunteer is a wonderful opportunities for students, parents, and mentors to look behind the scene of a FIRST competition. You will be able to experience some of the challenges FIRST face each year during regular season, as well as the chance to work with students, parents, mentors from another team in the area and get to know them off the playing field. Inspectors will get to examine other robots in details, Referees will get to call some of the most exciting matches, and you will be in front of the action working as field crew, photographer, and scorekeepers!

So sign up as a volunteer at the 2007 Northern California Robot Games, come enjoy a great day of 2007 Rack n’ Roll, get a free lunch, and help support the Bay Area WRRF FIRST community!

Go Teams!

-Ken Leung
07 CalGames Program Manager