WRRF Winter Workshops 2014 - 12/13 at Santa Clara University

The Western Region Robotics Forum would like to invite you to the latest iteration of our winter pre-build robotics workshops, for which registration is now open!

When & Where:

Saturday, December 13th, 2014 - 8AM-4:30PM
Bannan Engineering Building
Santa Clara University
500 El Camino Real
Santa Clara, CA 95053-1500

$5 per attendee, but checking in as a group on the day of grants you a free registration for every 5th person.

The classes are held in three sessions throughout the day - morning, noon, and afternoon - covering the following topics:[ul]
[li]Beginning Java Programming with Eclipse
[/li][li]Designing a Drivetrain for the Game and Your Team
[/li][li]Entrepreneurship: Your Team as a Business
[/li][li]Intro to Electronics
[/li][li]Intro to Robot Subsystems
[/li][li]Kickstarting a Rookie Team
[/li][li]Strategic Design
[li]DC Motors
[/li][li]Demystifying the RoboRIO: Beta Test Experiences
[/li][li]Districts 101
[/li][li]“Hey There, Good Looking” (Bumpers & Team Imagery)
[/li][li]Make a Decision! Synthesizing Robot Design Ideas
[li]Becoming a Control System Detective: Troubleshooting b/w Electronics and Programming
[/li][li]Inclusive Language: “Would You Say That If You Knew…”
[/li][li]Introduction to CAD with Autodesk Inventor
[/li][li]PID Control
[/li][li]Scouting for the Win
[/li][li]Success Principles of Competition Robotics Teams
[/li][li]Throwing Balls & Other Stuff (The Physics of Launching Objects)

Come one, come all!
Full Event Info, Class/Presenter List, and Registration

Don’t forget the pneumatics workshop!

Unless it actually isn’t official yet, then never mind. :stuck_out_tongue:

A pneumatics class has been added for the noon slot!

If we need to leave early, can we just take 2 classes?

Yes, you can take any amount of classes at any timeslot you would like.

Who is teaching the districts 101 class and what are they covering?

Is it possible to change a class after signing up for it?

Andrew, who responded above, is teaching that class.
I’ll leave him to answer in depth, but you can read the general description here.

Yep. Just submit a new form and drop a message in the comment box reminding me to delete the old one.

I am. It’s mainly about the history of the district system, how it has affected Michigan, MAR, and the PNW, and how it differs from the regional system. There will be an emphasis that it will be likely California will differ in some ways, but as an introductory course the idea is to give people a better feel for what districts are and to dispel any untrue rumors that have been floating around.

One more week until the event! Sign up by Thursday (12/11!)