WTB: Crescendo Notes

Looking to buy 4-5 notes. Can’t find anything out there, even from Gopher.

DM please.

AM thinks they’ll be back in stock in late August. I’m assuming you can’t wait that long?

No, we need it a few weeks…

I don’t know where you are from, but try to contact teams in your area privately


Unfortunately if you scroll down that site says that they’re currently OOS and not charging or fulfilling orders.

Where are you located? (try contacting local teams)

my team ordered these during the initial no-notes crisis and I can tell you they are quite different from the actual notes and are pretty much useless for any practical application.

Not a perfect solution, but as an alternative, there have been some promising results regarding repairing broken NOTEs. Perhaps one of these strategies can help hold you over until more NOTEs are available to purchase.

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Got them via Gophers. Pretty expensive for a set of 6 rings, but it is what it is.

Admin please close.

I’ll take my chance. This is for home summer project anyway, not trying to win anything.