WVROX 2018

Yes, we are at it again! The biennial West Virginia RObotics eXtreme will return to Morgantown August 3-4, 2018! In the world’s only robotics endurance event, 24 teams will return to West Virginia University for an action-packed 26 hours and 14 minutes of FIRST POWERUP!

How long will you last?

Can’t wait for Team 1708 to go again!

456 can’t wait!

Just a reminder that teams can start to register for WVRoX at http://mars-first.squarespace.com/wvrox-2018/

You slept last year!

2656 is excited to return to WVRoX this August! We’re looking forward to meeting some teams as we take on the 26-hour Power Up challenge!

48 registered a while back when there were far fewer than 24 registrants, but I don’t believe I received any kind of confirmation other than our team number showing up on the team list. Could the event organizers provide an update on registration and what the next steps will be?

Well over 24 teams currently! - http://mars-first.squarespace.com/wvrox-2018/



4028 is very interested in participating this year! We had some questions about the logistics of the event. Do you know what time on August 3rd the event would start? Are there any practice matches, or do we go straight to qualification matches? Is there a general outline or schedule from previous years we could see to look at how the event was ran?

We are looking forward to registering and hope to attend!! :slight_smile:
FRC 4028 - the Beak Squad
Mentor - Marketing
Mentor - Strategy

We had hoped to raise the number of teams to 32, but our host (who pays an enormous bill for the event) has capped it at 24. My mentor in charge of getting out the call for teams to pay the registration fee and finalize attendance should be in touch soon.

Currently the event is oversubscribed. We are going to start sending out official invites with requests to pay the registration fee and commit to the event. There will be 24 teams as in previous years - so if your bot survives the event, you are in the elimination rounds. We play one practice match on Friday morning before lunch, right after load-in. That gets everyone synched with the field. Then we play through until Saturday morning alliance selections and then elimination rounds (a total of 26 hours and 14 minutes is our goal). Works out to over 30 matches for every team.

How often do teams end up not paying? 4505 is 26th and we’re really hoping we can play.

Usually a team or two decides they cannot attend and bows out. At 26th, you’ve got a reasonable chance.

You got a spot for a crazy FTAA to join you? :stuck_out_tongue:

Not making any assurances but man I’d love to go to this event…

Of course! We do a rotating shift for all the volunteers, so there is never NOT a need for any volunteer. We would love to see you there. I will post volunteer registration as soon as it is available.

That’s awesome Alex. My team (2656) is on the list to compete. I’d be interested in picking up a Volunteer shift sometime during the event. Looking forward to checking out the Volunteer registration info when it’s ready!

Any idea when this will begin? Before Champs? During? After?

456 is ready to commit and pay now. We just need to know how.

Looks like 3193 will be left out this year after competing at the first two events. We didn’t see the announcement that the list had been opened up, and no one told us. The kids have been really looking forward to it for over a year and a half now. :frowning: :frowning:

Detroit is getting in our way with preparing for our display at the Hall of Fame. Probably right after Detroit. Trying to make it go faster.

Any updates on WVROX to share?

We sent in our payment. Would like a confirmation of paid teams so far.

We met with the event host on Thursday to close the loop on some details. My folks report that at least 21 teams have paid the registration fee. My plan is to announce those teams this weekend. The website has been updated with a list of teams sent an invite and those on the waiting list (http://mars-first.squarespace.com/wvrox-2018/). I tried again to bump the number up to 32 in the meeting but was unsuccessful. Also on the website is a list of local hotels and restaurants (the lists are from 2016 so we might need to update a few details). Coming soon to the website will be an order for for event shirts.

We will be sending out instructions to the coaches soon that will include an expected schedule, how to register each student and why that is important (just think about how nervous any university is now about having minors on campus), and background check information for key volunteers. So that you have some idea of the schedule right now, I’ll post below a rough draft. We hope to run a 7 minute cycle so teams will all play at least 30 matches. There will be multiple “special” matches that should be a lot of fun as well.

Draft Schedule 3rd-4th
8am – 10:30am Unload, Team Check-in
10:00am Referee’s meeting
10:30am Driver’s meeting
10:30am-11:30am Practice Matches
11:30am-11:55am Opening Ceremony
12:00pm – 3:30 pm Qualification Matches
3:30pm – 4:30pm Break
4:30pm-7:00pm Qualification Matches
7:00pm-8:00 pm Dinner
8:00 pm – 12:20am Qualification Matches
12:20am-1:00am Break
1:00am-3:50am Qualification matches
3:50am-4:30am Break
4:30am-7:00am Qualification matches
7:00am-8:30am Break
8:40am-9:30am Alliance Selection
9:30am-11:30 am Quarterfinals
11:30am-12:15pm Break
12:15pm-1:15 pm Semifinals
1:15 pm-1:45 pm Finals
1:45 pm-2:14 pm Awards

WVRoX Team List

2656 Quasics
456 Siege Robotics
3504 Girls of Steel
9999 Robotics Feiyue
4954 4-H Palindrome Robotics
3492 Putnam Area Robotics (PARTs)
2655 The Flying Platypi
4265 Secret City Wildbots
4575 The Tin Mints
6327 The Tin Men
179 Children of the Swamp
5740 CWNC Trojanators
1629 GaCo
48 Delphi E.L.I.T.E.
3538 RoboJackets
686 Bovine Intervention
1038 Lakota Robotics
4467 Titanium Titans
4462 Full Metal Jackets
1421 Team Chaos
2614 MARS

6517 SoKno Robo
4505 McDonogh Robotics
888 Robotiators

See http://mars-first.squarespace.com/wvrox-2018/ for the waitlist