WVROX 26hr 14min Webcast Info

Could you compete for 26 hrs and 14 min straight? Check out the WVROX Endurance Competition Friday and Saturday. The entire event will be streamed non-stop at https://www.thebluealliance.com/watch/fun or https://www.twitch.tv/firstupdatesnow

WVROX will be on the twitch front page twice on Friday during quals and during the semis and finals on Saturday. I have bots that explain the game but we would love to have many of you on during the stream to be ambassadors of FIRST and to help with people who are watching.

The 26hr 14min WVROX Endurance Competition wraps up today with Semis and Finals at 12:15pm eastern Check out this incredible event at https://www.twitch.tv/firstupdatesnow or thebluealliance.com/watch/fun