WVROX (West Virginia RObotics eXtreme) 2020

Save the date! It’s back again! August 7-8 will see the fourth bi-ennial 24 teams will once again convene at West Virginia University to compete in the world’s ONLY robotics endurance event for an action-packed 26 hours and 14 minutes of FIRST Infinite Recharge!

Details are still being confirmed, but our generous sponsor West Virginia University has once again agreed to sponsor and host the event, along with MARS Team 2614. WVU is also providing four scholarships to WVROX participants, and we will have more details as we get closer to the event.

We will post updates to the WVROX website and on this thread. Keep an eye out soon for team registration, volunteer registration, T-shirt orders, and award submissions.

This year, WVROX will once again see sets of specialty matches. Examples of previous special matches include: Mentor drive, no-speak, flashlight (lights dim), and usually severe alterations to the game rules for one series only.

So if you have always wanted to play FIRST matches at 4:00am, this is the perfect event for you! We hope to see some familiar and new faces alike this year! Are you in?


456 can’t wait!

I am really excited for the volunteer dodgeball matches at midnight before quiet matches!



Many of you are eagerly awaiting the status of the WVROX event, particularly about registration that was scheduled to go live this month. With uncertainty surrounding COVID-19 pandemic, timing of postponed official FRC events, and indefinite closure of host West Virginia University, we have decided to hold off on registrations for a few more weeks until we have a better idea of what the future holds. While no decisions have been made, we are optimistic that the event will move forward as scheduled. We will make an announcement on the MARS 2614 Facebook page, this ChiefDelphi thread, and marsfirst.org/wvrox two weeks ahead of registration opening. We are also potentially looking at increasing capacity beyond the traditional 24 slots, which may involve venue change. All of these potential options and challenges are going to take some time to figure out, and unfortunately that means we will be holding off on opening registration for a few more weeks. Again, we cannot make any official commitments on capacity, date, and registration at this time, but we are optimistic.

For now, as a community, let’s keep positivity high. While the cancellation/postponement of regular-season events is troublesome and disheartening, let’s take this opportunity to ensure we are all healthy, and remember FIRST’s mission of #morethanrobots, and our core values as a movement.

Graciously yours,
MARS 2614
WVROX Planning Committee


Hey everyone, I’ve got good news about WVROX!

Registration for WVROX will open Fri, April 24 at 9:00am! The cost of team registration is $250 and can be found on www.marsfirst.org/wvrox. Available spots are limited, so make sure to act fast if your team wishes to participate. Spots are assigned in the order of payment received, and teams will be assigned to the waitlist in the order of registration.

As of now, the event is planned to take place August 7th - 8th; however, in the event that the COVID-19 pandemic continues to be a major threat to public health, WVROX may be rescheduled or canceled. If this occurs we will make an announcement regarding the details of the event’s new time and date, or refunds in the event of cancelation. We hope everyone is staying safe and hope to see you all there!


…do you have a time machine lying around? :upside_down_face:

Sorry, I’ll fix it!

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Did the registration for this go live? I went to the site and it’s asking for a password.

I’m getting the same.

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Alex is fixing it right now. It was supposedly to go live automatically at 9 AM. Not sure what happened.

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Should be fixed now.

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So sorry for the snafu guys! Totally on me. It’s good now, and spots are still available! They’re going quicklu

We are now officially in waitlist mode. Please still register for the waitlist if you want to attend!

Is the limit set for 20 teams, or are there still 4 teams that need added to the website?

We reserved a few spots ahead of time for local teams. If they decline the spots, we will go through the waitlist to fill them, similar to how regionals hold spots for local teams.

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How many teams are currently on the wait list? Just saw this and just signed up on the wait list, super bummed I did not see this earlier :frowning:

Looks like we have about 18 teams on the waitlist as of today. I really, really wish we were able to increase the capacity this year. We tried a number of avenues to do this, but it just wasn’t in the cards, unfortunately.


Hello again everyone! I’m sure by now you have heard that FIRST has ordered the cancelation of all 2020 FRC events, which includes WVROX. Emails about refunds and next steps for registered teams will be going out shortly.
Official message:

Due to the recent message from FIRST about the 2019-2020 season developments. (Viewable at https://www.firstinspires.org/covid-19.) We will, unfortunately, not be holding WVROX this year, we currently have no other news regarding WVROX at this time. We will be reaching out to the registered teams with more information, we are also maintaining all of our online communications, so if you have any questions please message us at mars2614@gmail.com.

Our heart goes out to all of the teams who were unable to compete or were looking forward to attending WVROX, as well as the seniors this season who will be moving on. Remember that we are more than robots. The FIRST community will always be there for our alumni and students, and we will continue to grow from this situation.

We’re looking forward to bringing Marvin back to the field as soon as possible and seeing our FIRST family once more,

Graciously yours,

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Is the next WVROX planned for 2021 because of this or will it be held in 2022?

We are planning on trying again in 2021. We really want to play this game at WVROX! We will know more about what that may look like as we get closer to the 2021 season.