Team #2614-MARS is hosting WVROX - 2016 -West Virginia RObotics eXtreme!

This event is 26 hours and 14 minutes of continuous robotics action playing the Stronghold game.

The event will be August 5-6, 2016 at the West Virginia University Student Rec Center.

For more details, or register for the event - check out the link below.
Space is limited to 24 teams. We want to ensure all participating teams make the elimination round.



Contact Mark Tennant at marvinmars2614@gmail.com

I love to see that this event is happening again!

The biggest piece of advice to anyone planning on attending, if you have a spare part for anything on your robot, bring it. If you don’t, get one. Although last time was Aerial [strike]Assault[/strike] Assist, driving your robot an additional 26 matches (requiring some not as experienced drivers for midnight hours, mentors driving, and whatever else they decide to throw in to make this event even cooler) will inevitably cause things to break that you never expected. some of which may not have broken throughout your standard competition season.

Teams 3015 & 340 are signed up!


Registration update…
15 teams registered - 9 slots remaining. We want to keep this competition at 24 teams so everyone makes elimination round. If you’re going to play for 24 straight hours… then you deserve to participate in eliminations!

Teams registered…

1325 - Inverse Paradox - Canada - returning champion!
4505 - McDonogh Eagle Robotics - MD
3193 - Falco Tech - OH
340 Greater Rochester Robotics - NY
3015 - Ranger Robotics - NY
2656 - Quasics - PA
1708 - Amp’d Robotics - PA
3504 - Girls of Steel - PA
9999 - Girls of Steel - guest team from China
4954 - Palindrome - DE
456 - Siege Robotics - MS
4467 - Titanium Titans - PA
4265 - Secret City Wildbots - TN
6222 - Hemingway HS - SC - Rookie!
2614 - MARS - WV - host team

Again, need 9 more teams…

How much is the registration fee? I can’t find it on your website


Where do we send the registration fee? I have not received the email with instructions.

Just registered.

Can’t wait for another year doing this competition! Both parents and students had a blast along with us mentors! Just sent our check in.

Team 48 is registered.

What Seth said. Someone must be enthused by this reality to beat me to the CD punch. :slight_smile:

This is an incredible, unique event…the silent match, the Mentors match, the “lights out” match–so much fun!

Our students from 3193 are really looking forward to competing here again, and I’m glad I could talk 48 into coming down as well.

1629 is registered I think!!!

Every once in a while you need to let someone win! haha Glad to see you guys are going

This event has some amazing teams competing! Quasics is looking forward to participating in WVROX this August. I’ll be reminding the Pittsburgh teams at the Stronghold scrimmage tomorrow.

Team 3260 is joining for another fun filled 26 hours and 14 minutes!

Team 1126 SparX is signed up and looking forward to competing with many of our friends from the Pittsburgh regional!

Can we get an updated registered team list?

Your elimination alliance partners from The Greater Pittsburgh regional, team 5740, are getting ready for WVROX!

I agree. I hope there are still spots left for we still need to send the payment.