WWDC 2005

I’ve got the countdown to the keynote going… T-20.5 hours… :wink:

Seriously though… any speculation on new Apple products?

(as a side note, the rumored IBM to Intel switch won’t happen, or I’ll eat my shoe and post pictures.)

I think we’ll see a G5 PowerBook, speed bumps for the Mini (and probably a few others as well), and perhaps a completely new product (which is where Intel would come in, if at all).

Thoughts? Ideas? Speculation?


I’m really scared, very. I hope no Intel, but there have been LOTS of new news storys pointing to it. I HIGHLY doubt PB G5s as all Mac units currently have a lot units in the system (IE, there are a lot out there not sold yet), and I think we’ll see something new from Apple, not just revised current products.

While I would be very happy if they came out with a G5 powerbook (cheaper G4s yay!) I really don’t think it’ll happen until next year. I’m expecting new products.

No to G5 PB’s… that’s not even a possibility. I’d wager yes to the Intel switch. However, there’s no chance Apple will use the x86 architecture. Even if Tiger could run quickly on the x86 platform (rumor has it that there’s a version out there for it), most third party software would be awfully slow or not even work. It’d be tons of work for developers. However, Apple owns partial rights to the PPC, along with Motorola and IBM, so if anything, Intel will be making PPC chips for Apple. Intel probably wants to get into the PPC arena because they’re RISC rather than CISC. Also note how Microsoft is using IBM’s PPC in their xbox 2… I’m sure Intel would love a slice of that pie. So I think it’s possible, and will probably happen.

Other than that, I’d imagine a speedbump for the G5 and maybe the Mini.

Rumor also has it that there might be a better-than-powermac computer introduced.

What would they call it though? Übermac? uMac? :stuck_out_tongue:


T-12.5 hours… :ahh:

Steve says no Intel Chips, instead SUN Chips!


LOL Joseph… :lol:

IT’S STARTING!!! :ahh: :D:D:D



Steve has DUMPED HIS JEANS AND TURTLE NECK! Reports say he is wearing ALL BLACK! More as it comes in…

So, what type of shoe Mr. Toast?


A nice sandal from Target:

Yuck, rubber :stuck_out_tongue:


I say one shoe per news article? Nah… j/k

lol… not even my ex-girlfriend has that many shoes. :stuck_out_tongue:


Hmm I was just gonna suggest that you make that your WAI pic. It looks very good.

In other news, Quicktime 7 is now for Windows! :smiley:

And the keynote’s up!



Here’s something to chew on…

Steve & CNBC WWDC Interview


QT 7 Required